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Born to Be Wild

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Born to Be Wild Season 1 — officially renewed

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You can watch Born to Be Wild series on Apple TV+

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Name : Born to Be Wild
Network : Apple TV+
Status : Born to Be Wild Season 1 — officially renewed
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Born to be Wild” takes viewers on a captivating journey following six remarkable animals as they navigate the challenges of being raised in captivity and then rewilding in their natural habitats. Each episode focuses on a different young, endangered animal, from a Savanna elephant calf to orphaned African penguins, as they strive to save their species and make a positive impact on our planet. Cutting-edge camera and tracking technology capture their incredible journeys from birth or their early months of life to their eventual release into the wild.;Executive produced by Lucy van Beek for Tailfeather Productions and Alex Williamson and Isla Robertson for Offspring Films, the pioneering series offers a unique glimpse into the lives of these young animals as they grow and adapt to the challenges of life in the wild. With heartwarming moments and breathtaking footage, “Born to be Wild” showcases the efforts to protect endangered species and highlights the importance of conservation.;As viewers witness the trials and triumphs of these extraordinary animals, “Born to be Wild” becomes a powerful reminder of the urgent need to preserve and protect our world’s diverse wildlife. The series, co-produced by Tailfeather Productions and Offspring Films, is an inspiring testament to the resilience of nature and the hope for a sustainable future.;(Source:

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