Ancient Earth season 2

Ancient Earth

What is Ancient Earth series status ?

Ancient Earth Season 2 — not renewed yet

Where can I watch Ancient Earth series ?

You can watch Ancient Earth series on PBS

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Name : Ancient Earth
Network : PBS
Status : Ancient Earth Season 2 — not renewed yet
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ANCIENT EARTH transports audiences to distant epochs, unveiling our planet’s incredible transformations. It begins with the birth of raindrops in a fiery landscape of molten lava, initiating the saga of life’s origins. The journey proceeds 700 million years ago, depicting Earth as a frozen world, cloaked in ice from pole to pole. Then, it delves into the emergence of early life, which turned a desolate realm into a lush green oasis. The narrative advances 250 million years to a catastrophic mass extinction caused by volcanic eruptions, laying the foundation for the age of dinosaurs.;Lastly, the series uncovers a sequence of geological marvels that culminate in humanity’s appearance. As a self-aware, technologically adept species, humans wield the power to shape Earth’s course and comprehend its repercussions. This concluding episode probes our role in Earth’s narrative, challenging us to reflect on our potential to steer the planet’s future trajectory.;ANCIENT EARTH is an odyssey through time, from primordial chaos to the rise of conscious beings, inviting contemplation of our planet’s ever-evolving story.;(Source:

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