List of Eddie Murphy Disney Movies

When it comes to comedic talent and larger-than-life performances, Eddie Murphy is a name that needs no introduction. From his unforgettable roles in classic movies like “Beverly Hills Cop” and “Coming to America,” Murphy has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. But did you know that this iconic actor has also lent his voice and charm to several Disney movies?

What Disney movies is Eddie Murphy in?

2. The Haunted Mansion (2003)

Workaholic Jim Evers and his wife/business partner Sara get a call one night from a mansion owner, Edward Gracey, who wants to sell his house. Once the Evers family arrive at the mansion, a torrential thunderstorm of mysterious origin strands them with the brooding, eccentric Gracey, his mysterious butler, and a variety of residents both seen and unseen.

Director: Rob Minkoff
Revenue: $182,290,266

1. Mulan (1998)

A tomboyish girl disguises herself as a young man so she can fight with the Imperial Chinese Army against the invading Huns. With help from wise-cracking dragon Mushu, Mulan just might save her country — and win the heart of handsome Captain Li Shang.

Director: Tony Bancroft, Barry Cook
Revenue: $304,320,254

What Disney character does Eddie Murphy voice?

In addition to his live-action roles, Eddie Murphy has also lent his voice to several iconic characters in Disney movies. One of the most well-known characters he voiced is Mushu, a small and feisty dragon in the animated film “Mulan.” With his unique blend of humor and charm, Murphy brought Mushu to life and added an extra layer of fun to the movie.

Another notable Disney character that Murphy provided his voice for is Donkey in the beloved “Shrek” franchise. Donkey’s witty remarks and hilarious antics became a fan favorite, thanks in large part to Murphy’s comedic timing and energetic performance.

Eddie Murphy’s talent extends beyond just acting on-screen – he has proven himself as a versatile voice actor who can bring animated characters to life with his distinct voice and comedic genius. Through these memorable performances, he has left an indelible mark on both children and adults alike.

So whether it’s through his live-action roles or voicing lovable characters in animated films, Eddie Murphy continues to captivate audiences with his undeniable talent. His contributions have made him one of the most recognizable figures not only in Hollywood but also within the realm of Disney movies.