Twisted Wonderland Tier List: The Best Cards in the Game

Welcome to the magical world of Disney’s Twisted Wonderland! In this guide, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive tier list for the game, helping you navigate through the vast array of cards and make informed decisions on which ones to prioritize in your journey.

Card Rarity Overview

In Disney’s Twisted Wonderland, cards come in three different rarities:

  • R (Rare): Decent cards suitable for early-game stages.
  • SR (Super Rare): Solid cards that can be effective throughout the mid-game.
  • SSR (Super Super Rare): The best-in-class cards, highly desirable for late-game challenges.

Twisted Wonderland Tier List

Now, let’s explore the tier list. Keep in mind that this list is a general guideline, and personal playstyle and team composition preferences may influence your choices.

SS Tier

SSR cards that belong to this tier are the cream of the crop, offering exceptional abilities and stats. These cards can significantly impact your success in challenging stages.

Rarity SS Tier
  • Idia [Masquerade]
  • Riddle [Tsumsitter]
  • Rook [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ruggie [Outdoor Wear]
  • Trey [Outdoor Wear]
  • Riddle [Dorm Uniform]
  • Leona [Dorm Uniform]
  • Kalim [New Year’s Attire]
  • Idia [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ortho [Burst Gear]
  • Vil [Outdoor Wear]
  • Riddle [Labwear]
  • Ace [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Rook [Labwear]
  • Idia [Labwear]
  • Malleus [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Epel [PE Uniform]
  • Rook [School Uniform]
  • Ortho [Archetype Gear]

S Tier

SR cards in this tier are powerful and versatile, making them valuable companions throughout various stages of the game.

Images via Aniplex Inc
Rarity S Tier
  • Grim [Platinum Jacket]
  • Jamil [Basketball Jersey]
  • Ace [Suitor Suit]
  • Ace [Basketball Jersey]
  • Sebek [Birthday Jacket]
  • Cater [Birthday Jacket]
  • Cater [Birthday Boy]
  • Lilia [Pop Music T-Shirt]
  • Cater [Pop Music T-Shirt]
  • Jade [Halloween]
  • Vil [Birthday Jacket]
  • Leona [Gala Couture]
  • Jack [Dorm Uniform]
  • Kalim [Dorm Uniform]
  • Idia [Birthday Boy]
  • Ortho [Fairy Gear]
  • Sebek [Masquerade]
  • Deuce [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Cater [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Trey [Labwear]
  • Jack [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Ruggie [Labwear]
  • Azul [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Azul [Dorm Uniform]
  • Jade [Labwear]
  • Jade [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Kalim [Labwear]
  • Jamil [Dorm Uniform]
  • Jamil [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Vil [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Malleus [Labwear]
  • Lilia [Labwear]
  • Jamil [Apprentice Chef]
  • Floyd [School Uniform]
  • Vil [PE Uniform]
  • Rook [PE Uniform]
  • Idia [School Uniform]
  • Sebek [PE Uniform]

A Tier

While not as outstanding as SS and S tiers, A-tier cards still bring solid utility and effectiveness to your deck.

Rarity A Tier
  • Idia [Suitor Suit]
  • Deuce [Birthday Boy]
  • Leona [Tsumsitter]
  • Epel [Applepom]
  • Vil [Halloween]
  • Leona [Birthday Showcase]
  • Jamil [Birthday Showcase]
  • Riddle [Halloween]
  • Jack [Port Wear]
  • Riddle [Birthday Showcase]
  • SSR Rook [Halloween Showcase]
  • SR Trey [Halloween Showcase]
  • Epel [Birthday Showcase]
  • Sebek [Birthday Showcase]
  • Floyd [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ace [Dorm Uniform]
  • Cater [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ruggie [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ruggie [Birthday Jacket]
  • Ruggie [Birthday Boy]
  • Malleus [Birthday Shwocase]
  • Rook [Birthday Showcase]
  • Jack [Birthday Boy]
  • Azul [Birthday Boy]
  • Azul [Birthday Jacket]
  • Azul [Masquerade]
  • Epel [Masquerade]
  • Epel [Suitor Suit]
  • Cater [Tsumsitter]
  • Lilia [Halloween]
  • Rook [Beans Camo]
  • Floyd [Outdoor Wear]
  • Silver [Apprentice Chef]
  • Riddle [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Malleus [Apprentice Chef]
  • Ruggie [Apprentice Chef]
  • Ruggie [Port Wear]
  • Trey [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Trey [Apprentice Chef]
  • Leona [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Kalim [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Malleus [Silk Adorned]
  • Cater [Silk Adorned]
  • Epel [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Idia [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Ortho [Stargazer Gear]
  • Sebek [Labwear]
  • Sebek [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Deuce [New Year’s Attire]
  • Jack [Beans Camo]
  • Ace [Gala Couture]
  • Azul [Outdoor Wear]
  • Ace [School Uniform]
  • Leona [Outdoor Wear]
  • Cater [PE Uniform]
  • Ruggie [PE Uniform]
  • Floyd [PE Uniform]
  • Kalim [PE Uniform]
  • Jade [Applepom]
  • Vil [School Uniform]
  • Ortho [Athletic Gear]

B Tier

These cards are average in performance, suitable for certain situations but may lack the versatility of higher-tier cards.

Images via Aniplex Inc
Rarity B Tier
  • Sebek [Birthday Boy]
  • Jamil [Silk Adorned]
  • Leona [Birthday Showcase]
  • Lilia [Birthday Showcase]
  • Deuce [Dorm Uniform]
  • Deuce [Starsending Robes]
  • Deuce [Birthday Showcase]
  • Jack [Birthday Showcase]
  • Cater [Apprentice Chef]
  • Rook [Apprentice Chef]
  • Jade [Outdoor Wear]
  • Floyd [Tsumsitter]
  • Jamil [Gala Couture]
  • Jack [Halloween]
  • Ace [Labwear]
  • Sebek [Applepom]
  • Cater [Labwear]
  • Ruggie [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Kalim [Gala Couture]
  • Azul [Labwear]
  • Floyd [Labwear]
  • Jamil [Labwear]
  • Jade [Apprentice Chef]
  • Rook [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Silver [Labwear]
  • Silver [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Lilia [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Trey [Silk Adorned]
  • Riddle [School Uniform]
  • Deuce [School Uniform]
  • Deuce [PE Uniform]
  • Trey [School Uniform]
  • Trey [Starsending Robes]
  • Leona [PE Uniform]
  • Jack [School Uniform]
  • Ruggie [Gala Couture]
  • Ruggie [School Uniform]
  • Azul [School Uniform]
  • Azul [PE Uniform]
  • Cater [Beans Camo]
  • Kalim [School Uniform]
  • Jamil [School Uniform]
  • Silver [School Uniform]
  • Lilia [PE Uniform]
  • Epel [Halloween]

C Tier

Cards in this tier may struggle to keep up with the challenges of the later stages of the game. Consider upgrading as better options become available.

Rarity C Tier
  • Cater [Halloween]
  • Ortho [Birthday Showcase]
  • Vil [Birthday Boy]
  • Floyd [Beans Camo]
  • Azul [Beans Camo]
  • Trey [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ace [Birthday Showcase]
  • Azul [Halloween]
  • Sebek [Outdoor Wear]
  • Idia [Applepom]
  • Idia [Starsending Robes]
  • Kalim [Apprentice Chef]
  • Riddle [Apprentice Chef]
  • Ruggie [Halloween]
  • Vil [Beans Camo]
  • Leona [Labwear]
  • Deuce [Labwear]
  • Deuce [Apprentice Chef]
  • Jack [Labwear]
  • Jade [Beans Camo]
  • Floyd [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Vil [Labwear]
  • Lilia [Apprentice Chef]
  • Epel [Labwear]
  • Ortho [Precision Gear]
  • Riddle [PE Uniform]
  • Ace [PE Uniform]
  • Cater [School Uniform]
  • Trey [PE Uniform]
  • Leona [School Uniform]
  • Jack [PE Uniform]
  • Jade [School Uniform]
  • Jade [PE Uniform]
  • Jamil [PE Uniform]
  • Jamil [Beans Camo]
  • Epel [School Uniform]
  • Epel [Dorm Uniform]
  • Idia [PE Uniform]
  • Malleus [School Uniform]
  • Malleus [PE Uniform]
  • Silver [PE Uniform]
  • Sebek [School Uniform]
  • Lilia [School Uniform]
  • Kalim [Halloween]

When it comes to acquiring specific cards, Disney Twisted Wonderland often features Rate Up banners that change regularly. It’s recommended to save your free Gems until a banner appears that offers the cards you desire. This way, you can increase your chances of obtaining the specific cards you want.

Good luck in collecting and assembling your ideal card lineup in Disney Twisted Wonderland!