Disney Dreamlight Valley: Breaking the Code Quest Walkthrough

Are you ready to help Belle break the code in her second Friendship Quest? In this guide, we will walk you through every step of the quest, from finding Maurice’s Design Pages to crafting the Translation Machine to answering Belle’s questions.

Unlocking the Quest

“Breaking the Code” is Belle’s second Friendship Quest, and it’s unlocked once you reach Level 4 Friendship with her and complete her previous quest, “Book Hunt.” In this intriguing quest, Belle stumbles upon a mysterious book written in code, and your task is to help her decipher it.

Finding Maurice’s Design Pages

To kickstart the adventure, Belle needs the Design Pages left behind by her father, Maurice. These pages are vital for constructing a Translator Machine, which Belle believes will unravel the book’s code.

Here’s where you can find them:

  • Garden: The first of Maurice’s Design Pages is nestled on the ground in the Garden. Look for it next to a tree with a white trunk, situated just outside the center of the hedge maze.

  • West Wing: The second Design Page can be found on the floor inside the West Wing, just beneath the painting of Belle and the Beast that you created during the “Into the West Wing!” quest.
  • Library: The third and final Design Page rests on the floor in the back left corner of the Library, just behind the standalone metal column.

Once you’ve collected all three Design Pages, return them to Belle. Together, you and Belle decide to add a modern twist to the machine, blending Maurice’s schematics with your knowledge of computers and technology.

Crafting the Translation Machine

To create the Translation Machine, you’ll need the following items:

  • 30 x Softwood: Obtain Softwood by foraging near trees and bushes in the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, Glade of Trust, and Forest of Valor. You can also purchase it from Kristoff’s Stall.
  • 20 x Glass: Craft Glass by using 5 Sand and 1 Coal. Alternatively, you can buy it from Kristoff’s Stall.
  • 4 x Tinkering Parts: Craft Tinkering Parts by using 2 Iron Ingots, which are themselves crafted from Iron Ore and Coal, or purchase them from Kristoff’s Stall.
  • 1 x Motherboard: Speak to WALL-E to obtain a Motherboard.

Once you have all the required ingredients, head to any Crafting Station in the Valley. You’ll find the Translation Machine under the “Functional Items” tab in the Crafting Station menu. Craft it and present the Translation Machine to Belle.

Activating the Translation Machine

However, the Translation Machine needs the correct answers to a series of questions to function properly. Provide the following answers to get it working:

  • Who is the bravest horse of them all?
    • Answer: Phillipe (the name of Maurice and Belle’s horse in Beauty and the Beast)
  • What is the perfect time to learn about someone’s real identity in a story?
    • Answer: During Chapter 3 (From the song “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast – “Here’s where she meets Prince Charming / but she won’t discover that it’s him ’til Chapter 3”)
  • A majordomo under an Enchantress’s spell would turn into what?
    • Answer: A clock (References the character Cogsworth the Clock from Beauty and the Beast)

Now that the Translator Machine is up and running, Belle plans to employ it for deciphering the rest of the Mysterious Book. The Disney Dreamlight Valley “Breaking the Code” quest is complete, and your bond with Belle grows stronger.