Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Tier List (September 2023)

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena offers a vast selection of cards, making it challenging to determine the most powerful characters. To help you make informed decisions for both PvE and PvP battles, we have compiled a tier list of the best characters in the game.

Here’s our comprehensive tier list for Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, categorizing the best and worst characters you can use in the game as of September 2023:

Tier Characters
S Elsa, Esmeralda, Zurg, Ralph, BayMax, Ursula, Beast, Zeus, Cobra Bubbles, Mickey Mouse, Dash
A Alice, Mother Gothel, Anna, Big Bad Wolf, Edna Mode, Hiro, White Rabbit, Bruno, Belle, Linguini & Remy, Rapunzel, Honey Lemon, Donald Duck, Fred, Snow White, Mulan, Hercules, Captain Lightyear, Davy Jones, GoGo, Hades, Dr. F, Stitch, Shan Yu
B Raya, Kuzco, Pain and Panic, Aladdin, Miguel, Ian, Gantu, Madam Mim, Barley, Sven, Eeyore, Jack Jack, Woody, Princess Kida, Mr. Incredible, Tiana, Dr. Facilier, Evil Queen, Claude Frollo, Winnie the Pooh, Fix-it Felix, Jafar, Kristoff, Namaari, Pacha, Cheshire Cat, Daisy Duck, Shank, Mike Wazowski, King Candy, Moana
C Eve, Flynn, Lily Houghton, Elastic Girl, Sally, Jasmine, Mrs. Potts, Lotso, Gadget, Demona, Minnie Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, Pete, Bo Peep, Sheriff Of Nottingham, Scar, Randall Boggs, Jessie, Quasimodo, Olaf
D Ariel, Maui, Milo Thatch, Anger, Jack Sparrow, Huntsman, Sox, Judy Hopps, Maurice, Sorcerer Mickey, Frozone, Violet, Robin Hood, Merida, Genie, Mad Hatter, Prince Erick, Kronk, King Triton, Pocahontas, Oogie Boogie, Lumiere, Tigger, Yokai, Wasabi, Shere Khan, Pegasus, Max Goof, Mor’du, Merlin
F Syndrome, Monterey Jack, The Horned King, Simba, Jack Skellington, Steamboat Mickey, Gaston, Big Baby, Powerline, Megara, Goofy, Dale, Peter Pan, Pluto, Caterpillar, Baloo, Phil, Maximus, Captain Hook, Quorra, Chip, Wendy, Tinkerbell, Vanellope, Scrooge, Gizmoduck, Yzma, Smee, Queen of Hearts, Darkwing Duck, Cogsworth, Sergeant Calhoun, Sulley, Jangles, Hopper, March Hare, Rafiki

Best Characters in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena

Images via Glu

If you’re eager to discover the top-performing characters in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, look no further. Here are our top picks from the tier list above:


Baymax is an invaluable addition to your team, thanks to his outstanding defensive capabilities. His role is to protect your squad, mirroring his character in the movie.

Cobra Bubbles

Cobra Bubbles is a top-tier support character who excels at aiding your team when things get tough. His strategic skills can turn the tide of battle and rescue your heroes from tight spots.


Dash is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to offense. He uses his incredible speed to deliver devastating damage to your opponents.


Elsa is another offensive powerhouse, known for her ability to deal massive damage with her unique abilities. She’s a valuable asset in both PvE and PvP battles.

These characters have consistently delivered success in various game modes and have the added bonus of being beloved Disney characters. Dash and Elsa focus on dishing out damage, while Baymax and Cobra Bubbles offer crucial defensive and support roles, respectively.

By choosing a combination of these characters for your squad, you can tackle any challenge Disney Sorcerer’s Arena throws at you. This guide has provided a comprehensive tier list to keep you updated with the current meta, ensuring your team remains competitive and victorious. Now, go forth and conquer the magical world of Disney Sorcerer’s Arena!