5 Disney Animated Movies that Would Make Great Soulslikes

Soulslike RPGs have become increasingly popular in recent years, known for their challenging gameplay, dark fantasy settings, and rich lore. While many Soulslike games are set in original worlds, there is no shortage of potential for adaptations of popular works of fiction, including Disney animated features.

Here are five Disney animated movies that would make great Soulslikes:

1. Hercules

Hercules, a versatile character, offers players the opportunity to experiment with various abilities and strengths. Battling mythological creatures, Titans, and even the formidable Hades would make for a thrilling and visually stunning game that Soulslike enthusiasts would embrace.

2. Mulan

This tale of courage, honor, and identity has all the hallmarks of a Soulslike game. A “Mulan” inspired action RPG could incorporate realistic, sword-heavy combat, Chinese mythological elements, or even a fresh fantasy twist, capturing the essence of the original story while adding a Soulslike challenge.

3. Peter Pan

“Peter Pan” and Neverland might seem like unlikely candidates for a Soulslike, but the story holds hidden depths. With a rich cast of pirates, a malevolent crocodile, and a morally complex protagonist, “Peter Pan” could provide the framework for a thrilling Soulslike adventure. The dark undertones and magical elements of Neverland could seamlessly fit the dark fantasy mold of Soulslike games.

3. The Black Cauldron

“The Black Cauldron,” a lesser-known Disney film from 1985, offers a perfect backdrop for a Soulslike adventure. The story of a young swine herder’s quest to save a future-seeing pig from the evil Horned King and his pursuit of the powerful Black Cauldron is ripe for a dark fantasy reimagining.

5. Tarzan

For a departure from traditional Soulslike settings, a “Tarzan” game set in the African jungles offers a fresh take on the genre. The lush and dangerous jungles of Tarzan’s world provide a diverse range of enemies, from hunters to menacing wildlife. Drawing inspiration from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ original novels would add depth to the game, giving it a darker and more modern sensibility while retaining the essence of the beloved character.

Honorable Mentions

While these five Disney classics offer exciting possibilities for Soulslike adaptations, a few others fell just short. “Beauty and the Beast” might explore moral ambiguity but lacks the necessary action elements for a Soulslike. Films like “Alice in Wonderland,” “Robin Hood,” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas” have been covered in other genres or previous game adaptations.

For a comprehensive list of Disney’s animated movies, you can refer to this article, which catalogs Disney’s rich history of animated classics, each with its own unique storytelling and charm.

Ultimately, whether or not a Disney animated feature would make a good Soulslike game depends on the vision of the developers. However, there is no doubt that there are many potential stories that could be adapted into challenging and rewarding RPGs.