Disney Dreamlight Valley – Enchanted Mirror Key Piece Locations

Welcome to the Disney Dreamlight Valley Game Guide! In this guide, we’ll help you locate all the key pieces needed to unlock the enchanted mirror in the “A Prince in Disguise” quest within the Beauty and the Beast Realm. Follow these steps to continue your adventure in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The enchanted mirror key pieces can be found in three specific locations within the Beauty and the Beast Realm: the library, the courtyard, and the hallway. To retrieve them, you’ll need to use your royal tools to clear obstacles and reveal the keys.

1. Hidden in a thorny place.

  • Location: In the center of the courtyard’s maze, near the rose bushes.
  • Solution: Dig the glowing spot with your shovel to unearth the final key piece.

2. Hidden in a place where silence roars.

  • Location: In the hallway where you found the candle holder.
  • Solution: Break the left lion statue with your pickaxe to reveal the second key piece.

3. Hidden in a hot place.

  • Location: Inside the library’s fireplace.
  • Solution: Use your watering can to clear the flames and discover the first key piece.

Once you have successfully collected all three key pieces, return to the Beast. He will provide you with the fixed key that unlocks the nearby chest containing the enchanted mirror. With the mirror in your possession, you can now continue your adventure and progress further in the “A Prince in Disguise” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

With the enchanted mirror in your possession, you’re now ready to delve deeper into the story and continue your exciting journey in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Good luck!