The Kardashians: Why Do People Still Keep Up With Them?

The Kardashians have managed to defy the odds and maintain their relevance for over a decade! In 2022, Hulu reported that “The Kardashians” was their most-watched premiere. Their original show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” aired in 2007 and it also gained significant views. Be it the newest gossip or the most recent relationship scandal, you can find it all with The Kardashians. 

The Kardashian sisters are famous due to their part in the modeling and fashion industry. They have launched cosmetic brands and modeled for many prominent names. They have also garnered many haters throughout their time, but they remain unfazed and face the hate threats with a strong suit. 

Whatever media talks about them, one thing is for sure: These sisters succeeded in building a strong family brand around the globe. People can hate them or love them, but a family that has not one but a few self-made millionaires speaks quite loudly about their talent to turn every challenge into an opportunity, despite the noise surrounding them. In this article, we separated several points to discuss the Kardashians’ success and fame throughout these years.

They are Strategic as Pro Poker Players

It is no surprise that the multi-talented Kardashians also know how to play poker well. Kim, Khole, and Kendall played poker in 2018 at a charity event to raise money for cancer treatment and research. Probably having the knowledge of some useful Texas Hold’Em tips helped them to show a successful game event. Lots of celebrities turned up which made the event a success. 

Since the game teaches emotional control, risk management, and social and analytical skills. The Kardashians have learned to master emotional control which is highly beneficial since they frequently encounter nerve-wracking and privacy-invading interviews. 

Social networking is a prime quality of all influencers, and learning social skills with poker is a part of the game. It’s important to sway the eye of the public in your favor if you plan to keep your position trending; being good at poker is just a plus point.

Maybe They Share Too Many Personal Details

The news of Kim Kardashian dating Pete Davidson, after her separation from Kanye West, took the internet by storm. Every little detail was critiqued and reviewed by the fans and gossip channels. 

Soon after, the dating scandal involving Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner piqued the world’s interest. They started trending on Instagram reels and TikToks as people became interested in their hidden romance. Videos of them interacting became viral on the internet. 

Kourtney Kardashian’s pregnancy became public news. She posted pictures on Instagram where she received countless likes. A video showing the emotional side of Khloe Kardashian also went viral on social media. Many people were asking, “Is she getting back with Tristan?”

The Kardashians’ personal life is widely known to the public and everyone is keenly aware of their affairs. 

Their Life is Not Simple, But Extraordinary

“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” put the family into the spotlight. Kim, Khloe, Kylie, and Kourtney fortified their fame by becoming prominent fashion influencers. Kylie started  “Kylie Cosmetics,” which propelled her net worth. Her top-selling Kylie Lip Kit still catches the eyes of many makeup enthusiasts. Likewise, Kim Kardashian established two brands, “KKW Beauty” and  “KKW Fragrance.” She co-founded “Skims,” which became a trending clothing brand. 

Their entrepreneurial journey has helped to keep their names in the headlines. Divorce disputes, family feuds, body image controversy, and legal issues. As a result of the drama from these issues, the family has been up against backlash which (ironically) keeps them in the center stage. 

What is Next for Them?

To put this straightforwardly – who knows? The Kardashian sisters are unpredictable and brave and most importantly, they love being popular. For sure, we will still hear about their new dates, divorce stories, and media pieces of their personal drama. If they succeeded in keeping their popularity before the rise of social media and after that, then they are unstoppable in the race for fame, money, and business.

One very interesting career change is happening to Kim Kardashian who years ago decided to study at a university and become a lawyer, which is the same profession her father, Robert Kardashian had. Kim already gained some practice and, according to her social media publications, she had successful cases under her defense.

Final Thoughts

The Kardashians have left an undeniable impression on society. To some, it seems as though their fame simply comes down to luck. However, they have consistently kept themselves in the media’s eye and maintained their statuses over many years. Whether you love or despise them, there’s no denying that the family is a part of popular culture today. 

Try to avoid criticizing them based on their media personas. Maybe that is how they truly are, but we can never say for sure. Instead, try to place yourself in their shoes. Fame often comes at a costly price and we may struggle to understand the burden of that price without experiencing their journey.