Complete Guide to the Matchmaking Magic Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Matchmaking Magic quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is an optional extra WALL-E quest that can be obtained through the Dapper WALL-E Dream Bundle in the shop. To help you complete this quest step-by-step, we have provided a comprehensive guide below.

Starting the Matchmaking Magic Quest

To begin the Matchmaking Magic quest, you need to have completed the “Sunday Best” quest. Once that is done, the Matchmaking Magic quest will automatically be added to your quest log. However, there are some prerequisites you need to meet:

  • Complete the “Sunday Best” quest.
  • Recruit Minnie Mouse to the Valley by reaching at least level 8 friendship with Mickey and completing associated friendship quests.
  • Have a friendship level of 2 with Minnie to discover her lost memories.
  • Unlock the Peaceful Meadow, Dazzling Beach, Forest of Valor, and Glade of Trust Biomes.
  • Progress the main story with Merlin enough to have unlocked Mother Gothel in the Glade of Trust.

Once you meet these conditions, you will find the Matchmaking Magic quest in your journal menu under the “Dream Bundle Quests” tab.

Creating Romantic Invitations

The first part of the quest involves finding romantic locations in different Biomes. WALL-E will guide you to various biomes before settling on Dazzle Beach as the perfect spot. Here’s how to make the Romantic Invitations:


  • Softwood: Can be found underneath trees in most biomes, especially in the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow.
  • Purple Marsh Milkweed: A purple flower found in the Glade of Trust biome near Mother Gothel’s house.
  • Empty Vial: Crafted from three Glass, which is obtained by digging up Sand on the beach.

Craft the Romantic Invitations using the above ingredients, and then take them to Mother Gothel and Merlin to progress to the next stage of the quest.

Crafting High Beach Torches

After the failed date between Mother Gothel and Merlin, WALL-E will suggest creating a romantic moment for Minnie and Mickey instead. To do this, you’ll need to craft four High Beach Torch decorations. Here’s what you need:

  • Fiber x20: Crafted from Seaweed.
  • Softwood x20: Found underneath trees in various biomes, particularly the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow.
  • Sand x12: Dug up along Dazzle Beach.
  • Ruby: Obtain four gems from Vitalys Mines or use a promo code to acquire them for free.
  • Topaz: Mined in the Plaza.
  • Peridot: Mined in Dazzle Beach or the Peaceful Meadow.
  • Aquamarine: Mined in Dazzle Beach or the Forest of Valor.

Craft the High Beach Torches using the specified materials. Once crafted, take one torch of each type to the romantic spot previously chosen by WALL-E. Placing the items anywhere else will not register them.

Cooking a Three-Course Meal for Minnie and Mickey

The final part of the quest requires you to prepare three meals for Minnie and Mickey: an appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert with at least four stars. Here are some easy options:

  • Appetizer: Seafood Appetizer (requires one Seafood).
  • Entrée: Basil Omelette (requires Egg, Cheese, Milk, and Basil).
  • Dessert: Fruitcake (requires Wheat and three fruits).

Present each meal to Minnie and Mickey to complete the quest and restore romance to the Valley.

By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to successfully navigate the Matchmaking Magic quest and enjoy the romantic journey in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Good luck!