Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: How to obtain Rainbow Potion and Soya

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a magical realm filled with enchanting quests and delectable recipes. Exploring this virtual world unveils hidden ingredients that are essential for crafting unique potions and preparing delicious meals. In this article, we will delve into the secrets of obtaining the coveted Rainbow Potion and the elusive ingredient, Soya.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: How to Get the Rainbow Potion

The Rainbow Potion is a highly sought-after item in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Obtaining it requires embarking on a series of challenging quests and collecting various rainbow-colored potatoes. Here is a step-by-step guide to acquiring the Rainbow Potion:

1. Initiate the Journey

Begin by pressing E on the Vault door at Scrooge’s Store, which grants you a Golden Potato.

2. Collect the Colors

Embark on individual quests for each colored potato:

Blue: Explore various areas, including the beach maps, to discover blue objects. Combine them in a pond inside the Sunlit Plateau Mines to obtain the Blue Potato. Use an Empty Vial to convert it into a potion.

Green: Fish for sixteen Emerald Bottles across different areas of the map. Transform them into Emerald Silvers, then into a Jade Crystal. Proceed to the Hidden Room in the Sunlit Plateau Mines (accessible from Simba’s Level 7 Quest) and interact with a green orb to acquire Green Seeds. Plant and harvest the Green Potato, turning it into a potion.

Golden/Yellow: Find Transfiguration Stones across the map until it transforms into a potion.

Orange: Equip the Lens of Shadow from Scrooge’s level 10 quest. Thoroughly search Dream Castle, Mickey’s Secret Room, and the realms of Moana, WALL-E, Ratatouille, Frozen, and Toy Story to find elusive Orange Pebbles. Combine all the pebbles to create an Orange Potato and subsequently brew a potion.

Purple: Locate ten purple books scattered throughout the realm to unlock a code for the portal in Olaf’s room. Combine the code with an Empty Vial.

Red: Locate the Red Potato in Remy’s House. Use it along with lobster, chili peppers, raspberries, and slush ice to cook a recipe. Serve the dish in the Ratatouille Realm to obtain the final potion.

3. Craft the Rainbow Potion

Once you have acquired all six colored potato potions, head to a crafting station and combine them to create the coveted Rainbow Potion.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: How to Obtain Soya

Soya is a vital ingredient used in numerous recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Follow these methods to acquire Soya:

1. Visit Sunlit Plateau Goofy Stall

You can purchase Soya or Soya seeds from the Sunlit Plateau Goofy Stall. Check the daily rotation of items at the stall to increase your chances of finding Soya.

2. Cultivate Soya Seeds

Plant Soya seeds in your garden and tend to them regularly. It takes approximately one hour and 30 minutes for the Soya crop to mature. Ensure you water the plants multiple times during their growth. Alternatively, you can use Miracle Growth Elixirs to accelerate the growth process, but note that they do not work on rainy days.

3. Explore WALL-E’s Community Garden

WALL-E’s community garden occasionally yields Soya alongside other crops. Visit the garden daily as it resets regularly. Although the chances of finding Soya are random, upgrading the garden increases your odds of obtaining this elusive ingredient.

By following the instructions in this guide, you can successfully obtain Rainbow Potions and Soya in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The Rainbow Potion allows access to exclusive items, such as the Rainbow Fox Critter, while Soya is an essential ingredient for various recipes and quests. With these items at your disposal, you’ll be able to enhance your gameplay and further immerse yourself in the magical world of Disney Dreamlight Valley.