What is Coming To Disney+ In June 2023 (US/CANADA)

A new original film and a new Marvel series will be available to Disney+ customers in the United States and Canada in the month of June. There are several notable premieres this month, including “Flamin’ Hot” on the 9th, “The Full Monty” on the 14th, “Secret Invasion” by Marvel on the 21st, “World’s Best” by Disney+ on the 23rd, and “A Small Light” by National Geographic on the 28th.

What is Coming To Disney+ In June 2023 (US/CANADA)

The complete summary is as follows:

Thursday, 1st June 2023


  • The Kardashians – Season 3 – Episode 2 – STAR

Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie welcome the cameras back into their homes as they continue to document their lives as mothers, co-parents, and businesswomen. While there will be some tense moments, the family as a whole will be able to weather the storm together.

Friday, 2nd June 2023


  • Pride from Above

From above, you can get a sense of the historic activism, creative energy, and logistical genius that goes into these vibrant, multicolored celebrations of hope we call Pride parades.

Saturday, 3rd June 2023


  • Heavenly Delusion (Tengoku-Daimakyo)

Following the destruction of the world, Kiruko and Maru travel throughout the ruins of Japan looking for Heaven.

Sunday, 4th June 2023


  • The Simpsons (S34 – New Episode) – STAR

Details about the episodes have not been revealed.

  • The Great North (New Episode) – STAR

Details about the episodes have not been revealed.

Monday, 5th June 2023

  • Age of Influence (Premiere) – STAR

The documentary series “The Age of Influence” delves into some of the most high-profile social media scandals of the modern era to explore the shadowy side of the influencer culture. Featuring the likes of “Swiffer Girl” Danielle Miller, “influencer” to “grifter” Jay Mazini, and “fiber diet feuders” Tanya Zuckerbrot and Emily Gellis, the series provides an uncensored look at the rise and fall of iconic influencers, from massive cons to viral cancellation campaigns. Follow the action as these opinion leaders find themselves in the center of a storm in their carefully crafted online personas.

Tuesday, 6th June 2023

  • Tomorrow, I’ll Be Someone’s Girlfriend (S2 – New Episode) – STAR

Five women with different pasts and present challenges operate as rental girlfriends. Yuki and Rina use males to forget their isolation. Aya is a chronic patient in the operating room. Moe doesn’t let anyone else shape her decisions. Yua tries to appreciate the here and now.

  • How I Met Your Father ( S2 – New Episode) – STAR

To break Val’s engagement, Sophie calls in the big guns. Sid and Hannah disagree about a place to settle down. When Charlie and Ellen make an awkward roommate mistake, Jesse is there to help.

  • American Dad (S19 – New Episode) – STAR

When Steve’s secret swimming hole is damaged, Wheels and the Legman set out to find those responsible. Meanwhile, Klaus helps Principal Lewis, who is getting on in years, regain his self-assurance.

Wednesday, 7th June 2023


  • Avatar: The Way of Water

Emotionally charged action adventure “Avatar: The Way of Water” sees James Cameron return to the realm of Pandora and go to new heights and uncover new depths. “Avatar: The Way of Water” begins the story of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri, and their children) more than a decade after the events of the first film. It focuses on the lengths they go to in order to keep each other safe, the struggles they face in order to stay alive, and the tragedies they experience. An array of exotic aquatic species and novel Na’vi cultures are introduced to the viewer against the stunning backdrop of Pandora’s oceans.


  • First Alaskans (S2)

Indigenous Alaskans live on places that are thousands of years old, but they must contend with a modern environment.

  • America’s National Parks (S2)

From the verdant valley bottoms of Yosemite to the continuously erupting volcanoes of Hawai’i, National Geographic takes viewers on an astonishing journey across famous and lesser-known national parks to reveal the diversity and wonder of this wonderful country.


  • Not Dead Yet (S1 – All Episodes Available) – STAR

The series centers on Nell Serrano, a self-proclaimed disaster who has recently become single and is trying to pick up the pieces of her life five years after leaving them. When Nell takes the only job she can find, writing obituaries, the people whose lives she chronicles provide her with unexpected guidance.

  • Class of ’09 – Episode 6 – STAR

The suspenseful limited series “Class of ’09” follows a group of FBI agents over three time periods as they adapt to and struggle with profound changes brought about by the introduction of AI into the American criminal justice system. The series spans decades and is recounted in many timelines, all of which explore the nature of justice, humanity, and the decisions that shape our lives and our legacies.

  • The Clearing – Episode 4 – STAR

The children are rescued after the police launch an operation in Blackmarsh. Freya is informed by Wayne that it’s possible their daughter has ran away.

  • The Villains Of Valley View – SEASON 1

Amy and her family have successfully thwarted the evil Onyx and are now living a double life in Valley View. Exciting discoveries are made, family secrets are revealed, and unexpected feelings emerge throughout season two, all of which present new obstacles that the Maddens must face to keep their secret.while a formidable teenage adversary schemes to destroy the family.

  • Broken Karaoke (S2 – All Shorts Available)

Songs are performed by Disney characters, and they sing along.

  • Secrets & Sisterhood: The Sozahdahs S1 – STAR

The series chronicles the ups and downs experienced by ten Muslim American sisters living in modern-day Los Angeles as they deal with issues of faith, family, work, and romance. Tough choices put their faith to the test, and recurring rivalries strain the connections between the sisters. The sisters of The Sozahdah are notoriously secretive, but they do have one cardinal rule: family comes first. What happens, though, if the secrets that these sisters hold dear become public knowledge? Will they cause them to fall apart or unite them more closely than ever before?

  • Will Trent (S1 – All Episodes Available) – STAR

This series follows Special Agent Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations and is based on the best-selling books by Karin Slaughter. Trent was abandoned as a child and spent his formative years navigating the challenging foster care system in Atlanta. Now that he has a voice, Trent is determined to utilize it to prevent anyone else from suffering the same fate he did when he was young. Will Trent’s background and drive have helped him achieve the greatest clearance rate in the GBI.

  • Blood Curse (Teluh Darah) (S1 – All Episodes Available) – STAR

Two family have been terrified by black magic. They’re hunting down the source of the supernatural happenings to protect those they care about.

Thursday, 8th June 2023

  • The Kardashians – Season 3 – Episode 3 – STAR

Kim’s D&G cooperation is in peril as Milan Fashion Week approaches due to an unexpected event. Khloé opens up about her connection with Tristan, while Kourtney is forced to face her fears about the launch of her new business.

Friday, 9th June 2023


  • Flamin’ Hot – STAR

“Flamin’ Hot” is based on the true story of Richard Montaez, a janitor at Frito Lay, who drew on his Mexican American background to create Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, a snack that eventually became a global phenomenon and a food industry disruptor.


  • Hailey’s On It!

Animated comedy-adventure “Hailey’s On It!” follows Hailey, a risk-averse but resourceful teenager on a mission to complete every item on her long list of challenging — and sometimes impractical — tasks in order to save the world. Whether she’s tackling every ride at the county fair, performing in a musical, reuniting a singing duo or facing her ever-growing and complicated feelings toward her best friend Scott, Hailey is always encountering new challenges ― and more opportunities to conquer her fears.

Tuesday, 13th June 2023

  • How I Met Your Father (S2 – New Episode) – STAR

Sophie and Ellen end up working together on a company project. In Los Angeles, Sid shocks Hannah. After Jesse has a disappointing psychic reading, Charlie and Val make an effort to make the most of their time together.

Wednesday, 14th June 2023


  • Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (S5, 5 episodes)

  • Pupstruction – 8 Episodes

The protagonist of “Pupstruction” is Phinny, a young corgi with huge aspirations for the betterment of his hometown of Petsburg. Luna, a hilariously impromptu sheepdog, Roxy, a capable rottweiler, and Tank, a charming, snack-obsessed mastiff, are the other members of Pupstruction. Phinny may be the tiniest canine in the crew, but he demonstrates that huge paws aren’t necessary for great thoughts. The Pupstruction group works together to create and build with muck, sweat, slobber, and lots of heart.

  • Last of the Giants: Wild Fish (S2)

A group braves the elements and sets out on a perilous quest to save the world’s most threatened fish species by bringing back critical specimens from the wild.

  • Raven’s Home (S6, 4 episodes)

Raven Baxter, a single mother, gets help from her friend Chelsea in taking care of their kids. Raven’s son takes a turn for the worst as he begins displaying psychic powers.

  • Assembled: The Making of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania

Explore the making of “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” with the film’s actors and crew. Assembled is an in-depth documentary that uses exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes video to show how an amazing new world was brought to the big screen.


  • Full Count (S1 – All Episodes Available) – STAR

Ten of Korea’s best professional baseball clubs square off to see who will rise to the top.

  • Class of ’09 – Episode 7 – STAR

There is a lack of information on this episode.

  • The Clearing – Episode 5 – STAR

To save the kids, police launch an assault on Blackmarsh. Wayne tells Freya that it’s possible their daughter has disappeared.

  • The Full Monty – All Episodes – STAR

25 years after the events of the original British smash hit, the same gang of brothers must find their way in a post-industrial Sheffield while dealing with the collapse of the country’s healthcare, education, and job systems. The comedy-drama will delve into the group’s happier, sillier, and more desperate times after they put their gear back on. The fiercely humorous world of these working-class heroes, who are still based out of Sheffield, will also be highlighted.

  • The Search (Arayis) (S1 – All Episodes Available) – STAR

Nisan searches for her missing companion after the two of them went to a therapeutic session together. Nisan’s journey begins when she follows in her friend’s footsteps and ends herself in a cult.

  • The Zone: Survival Mission (S2 – Premiere) – STAR

Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Soo, and Yuri of Girls’ Generation go off against eight crisis scenarios, such as a zombie apocalypse and nuclear holocaust.

  • Legends: Secret Invasion (5 episodes)

A look at the heroes and villains of the MCU with the intention of refreshing one’s memory.

Thursday, 15th June 2023

  • The Kardashians – Season 3 – New Episode

Kim is in the midst of finishing up preparations for her debut as creative director at Dolce & Gabbana, but her attention has been diverted by rising tensions with Kourtney. Instead of attending New York Fashion Week, Kylie and Kendall decided to saddle up.

Friday, 16th June 2023


  • Stan Lee Documentary

Using his own words and archival materials, Stan Lee traces his biography from his early years as Stanley Lieber in New York to the founding of Marvel Comics.


  • Pretty Freekin Scary

Frankie Ripp, a 14-year-old girl, seemed to have it all: a wonderful family, an obnoxious younger brother, a charming boyfriend, and a loyal best friend. However, a tragic event changed the course of her life in unexpected ways. The Grim Reaper and Frankie have a fierce argument in the Underworld, and now Frankie must learn to deal with her new Underworld guardians, Pretty and Scary, in the most difficult environment of all: middle school. Quite chilling, huh?

  • The Villains Of Valley View

Amy and her family go back to their secret life in Valley View after vanquishing Onyx, the criminals’ leader. Throughout season two, the Maddens have increasing difficulties maintaining their cover as surprising revelations, family secrets, and new feelings emerge.the whole time a formidable teenage villain plans her vengeance on the household.


  • Chevalier

The life of composer Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, whose story inspired this work, is extraordinary. Bologne, the son of an African slave and a French plantation owner, achieves unthinkable success as a violinist, composer, and fencer in 18th century France. Along the way, he has a tragic love affair and falls out of favor with Marie Antoinette and her court.

Tuesday, 20th June 2023

  • How I Met Your Father ( S2 – New Episode) – STAR

There is a lack of information on this episode.

Wednesday, 21st June 2023


  • Extraordinary Birder

Birdwatcher for life Christian Cooper introduces us to the wondrous and erratic avian world. He goes to great lengths to learn about these extraordinary, feathered creatures and to show us the remarkable world in the sky, whether that means navigating volcanic terrain in Hawaii to find elusive honeycreepers, venturing into rainforests in Puerto Rico to find parrots, or climbing a bridge in Manhattan to find a peregrine falcon.

  • Secret Invasion – Episode 1

Nick Fury finds out about a secret invasion of Earth by a group of shapeshifting Skrulls in the new Marvel Studios series “Secret Invasion,” which takes place in the modern Marvel Cinematic Universe. A number of Fury’s friends and allies are already on Earth, including Everett Ross, Maria Hill, and the Skrull Talos. They must work together quickly to stop the impending Skrull invasion and save Earth.

  • Minnie’s Bow-Toons: Camp Minnie (S1, 9 episodes)

Together with Daisy, Minnie Mouse opens Minnie’s Bow-tique.


  • Station 19 (S6 – All Episodes Available) – STAR

Andy Herrera is the daughter of Pruitt Herrera, the powerful head of Seattle’s Fire Station 19, and she was practically reared there. Both Andy and the station lieutenant, Jack Gibson, look up to Capt. Pruitt as a role model and admire his dedication to the fire service. Jack is just as courageous as Andy is methodical, but the two are so different that they complement one other well. Ben Warren, a new hire, also works at the station alongside veterans Maya Bishop and Dean Miller, as well as Travis Montgomery and Victoria Hughes. Andy’s ex-boyfriend Ryan Tanner is a regular fixture in the team’s interactions with Seattle PD.

  • Class of ’09 – Episode 8 – STAR

There is a lack of information on this episode.

  • The Clearing – Episode 6 – STAR

There is a lack of information on this episode.

  • 9-1-1 (S6 – All Episodes Available) – STAR

Officers, EMTs, and firefighters regularly put themselves in harm’s way to help others. Meanwhile, they’re also dealing with issues on a more intimate scale.

  • The Zone: Survival Mission S2 – New Episode) – STAR

There is a lack of information on this episode.

Thursday, 22nd June 2023


  • The Kardashians – Season 3 – Episode 5 – STAR

There is a lack of information on this episode.

Friday, 23rd June 2023


  • World’s Best – Premiere

In “World’s Best,” math prodigy Prem Patel, age 12, learns that his recently deceased father was a famous rapper, and he decides to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a rap superstar despite the turbulence of adolescence. While his activities may seem risky and the quickest way for him to lose everything, Prem is inspired to find out if hip-hop is genuinely in his DNA by his imaginative visions in which he performs with his father to hip-hop music. According to his father, “the world’s best never rest.”


  • Jacinta (Premiere) – STAR

In an effort to end the family’s cycle of drug abuse and incarceration, Jacinta frequently visits her mother in prison. When she is finally free, she plans to see her little girl again.

  • Revenant (S1 – All Episodes Available) – STAR

There is a lack of information on this episode.

Sunday, 25th June 2023


  • Protectors (Los Protectores) (S1 & S2 – All Episodes Available) – STAR

Three extremely different soccer agents are compelled to form an alliance in order to rescue their failing companies. The Protectors Inc. is a new type of sports management company that focuses not only on the financial well-being of its clients but also on protecting its athletes from temptation and guiding them safely through everyday life.

Tuesday, 27th June 2023

  • How I Met Your Father (S2 – New Episode) – STAR

There is a lack of information on this episode.

Wednesday, 28th June 2023


  • Marvel’s Secret Invasion – Episode 2

There is a lack of information on this episode.

  • Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Mandalorian – The Making of Season 3 – Episode 1

Disney’s latest Gallery documentary series entry provides an inside look at the production of Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 3. Cast and crew interviews, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes material, give viewers an inside peek at the making of the latest episodes of the Emmy®-winning series.

  • Week-End Family – Season 2 Premiere – All Episodes Streaming

In just a single year, we’ve all matured considerably. Clara is planning for the future while Vic is a thriving adolescent and Romy is going to become an older sibling. Emma, who has been Fred’s significant other for over a year, is adjusting to her new role as a step-mother while also working full-time. Meanwhile, Fred exerts great effort to maintain order among the ecstatic tribe. When he takes Stan’s poor advise, it makes it even more difficult.

  • Home Improvement (S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8)

Tim Taylor, a TV program host, deals with his three rambunctious sons every day with the support of his loyal co-host, bossy wife, and clever neighbor.


  • Alice’s Wonderland Bakery (S2, 7 episodes)

Alice and her best friends go on magical cooking adventures together, using enchanted kitchen utensils and materials to create fantastical cakes and sweets for their friends and neighbors.

  • The Ghost and Molly McGee (S2, 5 episodes)

Adolescent upbeat When one of the charms cast by the gloomy spirit Scratch backfires, it binds Molly McGee to him forever. While Molly’s life’s mission is to make the world a better place by righting wrongs and sharing happiness with others, Scratch’s is to make things worse by destroying progress and sowing discord. In spite of their obvious differences, the two manage to become friends and support each other through life’s inevitable ups and downs. T

  • Home in the Wild (S1)

The Bairds make it to Island Lake after getting themselves lost in a marsh.


  • A Small Light

Based on a true event, Miep Gies was recruited by Otto Frank to assist hide his family from the Nazis during World War II. At the time, she was young, reckless, and opinionated—qualities that could get you killed. As a result of A SMALL LIGHT’s fresh perspective, Miep’s narrative is as timely as ever, prompting viewers to consider what they would do in Miep’s situation and, more pertinently, whether or not they would have the fortitude to stand up against bigotry in the present day. While others watched, Miep took a stand.

  • The Clearing – Episode 7 – STAR

There is a lack of information on this episode.

  • Freeks (S1 – All Episodes Available) 

Gaspar, the leader of the band FreeKs, is a gifted musician whose life takes an unexpected turn when his pals falsely accuse him of a crime. The implications of this claim for Gaspar are significant. He will stop at nothing to reclaim his old life and clear his name.

Thursday, 29th June 2023

  • The Kardashians – Season 3 – Episode 6 – STAR

There is a lack of information on this episode.

  • Secret Chef (S1 – All Episodes Available) – STAR

Ten chefs do a series of blind tastings to grade various cuisines without revealing their identities. If they keep their identities secret, then nothing will be revealed besides the meal.

Friday, 30th June 2023

  • Wild Life (Premiere)

  • 548 Days (548 Dias) (S1 – All Episodes Available) – STAR

The Tompkins brothers, Kris and Doug, detail their efforts to protect one of the planet’s last remaining unspoiled ecosystems.

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