Pixar: Upcoming trailer and stills revealed for upcoming film Carl’s Date

Carl’s Date, Pixar’s newest short film, is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Up. The short film’s trailer depicts the protagonist, who has recently lost his wife Ellie, preparing for his first date aftaer her death.

The first Carls’ Date Up teaser has arrived from Pixar

A trailer for Disney’s brand-new original short, “Carl’s Date,” which will debut in theaters alongside Pixar’s “Elemental,” has been made available online. In July, both the feature picture and the new short will debut in the United Kingdom.

The brand-new short is the studio’s return to showing animated shorts before its features.

Featuring the voices of Academy Award nominee Bob Peterson and Emmy Award winner Kim Collins, “Carl’s Date” follows Oscar winner Pixar’s Carl Fredricksen (Ed Asner) and his adorable talking dog, Dug (Peterson), as they return home after meeting for the first time in “Up.”

“I don’t know how to date!” Carl (Edward Anser) shouts.

We soon find out that Carl has received a date request, prompting him to review his previous dance, gift-giving, and flower-arranging experiences. Thankfully, help in the form of Dug (Bob Peterson) is at hand.

The little film still has that trademark Pixar wit. For Carl, it’s true that “you really don’t teach old dogs new tricks,” as he tells Dug.

The dog takes the term at face value, wondering if Carl had meant to label him old and unconcerned with the fact that his master feels like a hopeless case.

It’s not true that Carl’s Date is the first sequel to Up from Pixar. Disney+ published a collection of short films in 2021 called Dug Days that continued the adventures of Carl and Dug.

Instead, the short was held back and released in theaters, harking back to the days when Pixar and Disney also showed shorts in theaters.

The last five books in the series were released on September 1, 2021, therefore Carl’s Date will be the first new installment in the series in over three years.

Disney hasn’t said when the short will debut on Disney+, but it will likely be around the same time as “Elemental” is made available to subscribers.

The June 16 release of Elemental, a film by Pixar, will be preceded by Carl’s Date.

Some stills from Carl’s Date have also been released (via of DiscussingFilm), in addition to the trailer. See for yourself down below.