The Vision Pro headset from Apple will soon have access to Disney Plus

When Apple releases its new mixed reality headset, users will be able to access the streaming service. On day one, Disney+ will be available to users of Apple’s recently released Vision Pro headset.

Disney Plus launches day one on Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s new Vision Pro headset bridges the gap between the virtual and real worlds.

It can be used for anything from business to pleasure. Apple demonstrated the headset’s movie-watching capabilities by displaying a big screen in “theater mode.”

Intense virtual reality experiences can now be had while watching Disney Plus content like sports games, shows, and movies. All you need is Apple’s new mixed reality headset.

A new immersive way to watch your favorite Disney sports, shows, and movies was among the many things previewed at today’s WWDC event, when Apple unveiled its highly anticipated mixed reality headset.

During the keynote presentation for WWDC 2023, Apple revealed a large number of in-house produced apps for the forthcoming VisionOS.

However, Disney CEO Bob Iger showed up during the presentation to reveal that the new gadgets will be compatible with the Disney+ streaming service.

“We don’t know when exactly “Day One” is quite yet, as Apple only stated that the $3499 Vision Pro is arriving somewhere in 2024. Iger also hinted that Disney would be revealing more projects made in tandem with Apple in the near future.

Disney and Apple also released a teaser movie showing off the Vision Pro’s augmented reality display with images of various Disney characters and settings.

The Disney Plus streaming app as it will appear on the Apple Vision Pro VR headset.
(Source: Apple)

Additionally, we saw a clip of The Mandalorian surrounded by information about the show, including a location lookup, suggesting that there may be new features in the Vision Pro Disney+ app.

In addition, there was the idea of seeing a 3D rendering of a basketball game from above the court.

Users can virtually relocate to a new area, such as floating in the sky or surrounded by dunes in a sandy desert, to view their favorite material, rather than watching a TV in a real, highly dirty lounge.

One notable example shown in the Disney teaser was a live stream of an episode of The Mandalorian from a location that looks like Tatooine (an exotic planet from the Star Wars mythology).

The video also alludes to the fact that Disney Plus subscribers will soon be able to utilize the Vision Pro headset to watch VR sports games, a feature that was first promised by renowned Apple leaker Mark Gurman in April’s Power On newsletter.

A screenshot taken from Disney’s teaser for bringing interactive experiences to the Apple Vision Pro headset.
(Source: Disney / Apple)

One of the ways this is shown is by the use of widgets, which surround a standard 2D football game with additional information such as the score, victory probability, and player stats.

The user can see a courtview replay of the game from any aspect by projecting a 3D top-down view of the game onto a coffee table in their lounge.

The preview hints that Disney Plus, in addition to offering watchable content, will also add some interactive VR experiences that can be accessible via the Vision Pro headset, such as “travel via a National Geographic adventure from your couch.”

The turtle that swam across the screen suggests that this is more of a walkthrough experience, like the one found on the Meta Quest, than a real video game.

For a brand-new product, having Disney on board is a major deal.

Meta hasn’t been able to get premium material like the virtual reality experiences previewed in Iger’s Disney Plus display for its own Quest VR devices, and the future of its metaverse project isn’t looking bright.

Disney’s “demonstration” should be taken with a grain of salt, though, as we can’t be sure how closely it reflects the Vision Pro’s capabilities when it launches next year.

Apple also unveiled the 15-inch MacBook Air, the Mac Pro with the new M2 Ultra CPU, a major improvement to Mac Studio, and a plethora of software updates during today’s keynote event.

In addition, Iger wasn’t the only unexpected visitor; Hideo Kojima was there too, and he announced that Kojima Productions games, beginning with Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, will be coming to Mac. Read on for a summary of the most important news to come out of Apple’s WWDC in the year 2023.