Celebrate 40 Years of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi in Theaters

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi in Theaters

Get ready for an epic celebration of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi in theaters as the iconic film turns 40 this month. Fans can rejoice as the beloved sixth chapter in the Skywalker saga returns to select theaters in the US, UK, and other regions for a limited time, marking its first official release in 26 years.

New Generation of Fans to Enjoy a Full Theatrical Presentation

Starting April 28, fans will get the chance to experience the full theatrical presentation of Return of the Jedi on the big screen. This limited-time release offers a unique opportunity for a new generation of fans to witness the epic space saga that has captivated audiences worldwide for decades.

A Striking New Poster for the 40th Anniversary

In keeping with tradition, a new poster has been created to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi’s theatrical release. The poster was designed by artist Matt Ferguson, who also created the poster for the 40th-anniversary screenings of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in 2020.

The 40th Anniversary promotional poster for Star Wars: Return of the Jedi in theaters.

Ferguson’s Approach to the Poster Design

Ferguson explains his approach to designing the poster for Return of the Jedi, “For that poster, a cold mechanical vibe completely takes over the whole composition. But Return of the Jedi is very much the triumph of Luke and the Rebels, so I wanted to have more of the warmer colors coming back into the art, hence pivoting to green with red accents.”

The focus of the poster’s composition is on the two most important characters of the saga – Luke and Vader. Ferguson wanted the artwork to tell a story, so he decided to give over the composition to these two characters. “Will Luke be turned? Is Vader going to overcome the darkness? It’s all about the pull between good and evil,” he explains.

Limited-Time Screenings of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi in Theaters

Return of the Jedi will be screened from April 28 to May 4 in the US, and from April 28 to May 1 in the UK. Fans should stay tuned to StarWars.com for updates on screenings in other regions and dates. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the thrilling conclusion to the original Star Wars trilogy on the big screen.