“Captain Marvel” Becomes New $1-B Box Office MCU Blockbuster

“Captain Marvel” on the MCU certainly had a hard row to hoe on the road to premiere, and beyond. Criticism for the film was mostly flavored by a dislike for either the lead star Brie Larson, or the perceived excessive feminist bias. Despite that, “Captain Marvel” rocked the box office.

How well is it actually doing? The penultimate MCU Phase 3 installment is earning really strongly. That’s because as of this week, “Captain Marvel” is now past the $1 billion global box office milestone. Marvel Studio’s first film with a solo female main character and a female co-director has already made $358 domestically, and $645 million outside of North America.

While other detractors may compare “Captain Marvel” unfavorably to the first blockbuster super-heroine film “Wonder Woman” from Warner Bros. and DC, it still doesn’t change the fact that with its over $1 billion box-office take, the MCU movie has surpassed the well-received Gal Gadot starrer and its $841 global earnings.

MCU fans can expect Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel to play a main part in this April’s “Avengers: Endgame.” Here the overarching plotline of 10 years, three Phases and 21 preceding movies finally come together for a deservedly epic conclusion.

By now “Captain Marvel” is among the seven MCU films that achieved the $1 billion mark during their theater run. To learn the rest, we invite you to look here.