Sweet and Empowering Moments in London Premiere of “Captain Marvel”

One by one the major motion picture markets around the world have held their respective premiere screenings for “Captain Marvel,” the latest installment of the MCU and first to show for 2019. Leade actress Brie Larson has had the honor of being present at each occasion, the latest being the European premiere in London, UK.

While there, Larson had a heartwarming and adorable encounter with the sort of young fans that Marvel Studios is trying to attract with their MCU films. It was a girl, only eight years old, and she was dressed in the costume of Larson’s character Carol Danvers, or Captain Marvel herself.

The girl’s name was Illie, and she wasn’t some mere promotional stunt to hype up the movie’s premiere but a true fan of the Marvel character that’s headlining it. To drive that home, she also brought to the premiere one of her “Captain Marvel” comic-book issues, which Larson graciously signed.


Illie, who was sponsored by non-profit organization “The Female Lead,” wasn’t the only star of the evening for the European premiere of “Captain Marvel.” Also present were women serving in the British armed forces as well as female officers of the London Metropolitan Police. The presence of the latter is particularly meaningful, as they are also celebrating the 100th anniversary of women first being enrolled in the capital’s police force.

These developments are a new bright spot in the course of the general premiere period for Marvel Studios’ “Captain Marvel,” following the brief “review bombing” at review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes. Online trolls have flooded the site with negative reader reviews, forcing RT to implement new regulations that would prevent posting of reader reviews for a film yet to premiere.

“Captain Marvel” premieres in the US next week, March 8.