Disney-Fox Acquisition Deal Could Conclude Next Month Following Go-Ahead from Antitrust Regulators in Brazil and Mexico

When Disney set out to acquire the significant portion of Fox’s media assets back in late 2017, it was understood that such a deal wouldn’t happen overnight. The transfer of assets between the two companies also needed a go-ahead from federal regulators against antitrust, and thus far it proceeded positively.

But the US isn’t the only country that needs to give its blessing to the acquisition; antitrust regulatory bodies from around the world must give their consent too, especially if their respective media infrastructure is concerned. That’s why Mexico and Brazil’s agencies have been stalling the deal’s closure over the past few months or so.

That ends now, as reported by ComicBook.com. Brazil’s securities commission CADE and Mexico’s antitrust regulators have both given their assent to having Disney acquire the Fox media assets. These companies include the 20th Century Fox film studio, Fox TV, and many other prime additions to their own expansive media umbrella.

Interestingly, the same factor that once held up progress for the Disney-Fox deal stateside was also cited by the two Latin American countries: sports channels. Mexico wants Disney to sell off their regional sports channels over there as a condition for green-lighting the deal. The Brazilian CADE meanwhile wants the House of Mouse to lose Fox Sports, due to it having broadcast rights for the Copa Libertadores South American football competition; retaining that under Disney counts as antitrust in Brazil.

Should all these final pieces fall into place, then Disney and Fox could finalize their respective paperwork to make the acquisition stick. Observers forecast that the deal could be set in stone by early March, such as on the 8th. Getting the Fox film studios, for starters, will finally reunite the film rights for Marvel’s X-Men and the Fantastic Four with the MCU film franchise.