New, Stronger Solar Farm Opens to Help Power Disney World

Never let it be said that Disney isn’t up to speed with the adoption and wide use of renewable energy sources. They’ve already dabbled in using solar to supplement the power supply for Walt Disney World in Florida. Back in 2016 they opened a solar farm with the collector panels arranged in a delightful hidden Mickey pattern across 22 acres. That was a start; now they’re playing with real power.

By that we mean that Disney World has announced that their new and bigger solar facility is now up and running. With solar-panel coverage about of 270 acres, the new farm generates ten times the amount of energy that the 2016 Mickey Mouse setup does.

Put it this way: the new Disney World solar power facility can, at full efficiency, supply enough electricity to run any two theme parks in the area all by itself.

This grand opening is but another big step undertaken by The Walt Disney Company in cutting down their corporate emissions level. The goal is to achieve only half the recorded emissions level of Disney in 2012, by the next year. The House of Mouse hasn’t said how close they are to meeting that mark, but they’re certainly going about it a better, greener way than they are legally entitled to.

Florida, in order to get Walt Disney to build Disney World in the Orlando area, had passed a state law 52 years ago (in 1957) that gives the company the privilege to open whatever power-generating facilities they need to keep the resort running. That includes the right to build a nuclear reactor, if deemed necessary.

Needless to say, the House of Mouse has no interest in ever going down that path. With their two solar farms, the direction is set on how Disney World will create power for its resort.

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