Filming for Post-Phase 3 MCU Film “Eternals” Might Start Early this August

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are all on tenterhooks this year as the film “Avengers: Endgame” nears its premiere date on April. With that, the longest storyline arc of the live-action superhero franchise, Phase 3, comes to an end with what feels like a soft MCU reboot. Post-Phase 3 movies are already on the way such as “Spider-Man: Far from Home” following in July, and more.

The general theme for some of the announced MCU titles after “Endgame” is that some of them are from lesser-known Marvel Comics series. One of these is “Eternals,” which has a new filming schedule announced.

Screen Rant has it that Marvel Studios has stated a new date for the official start of camera work for “The Eternals” a full month ahead of the last date scheduled. This also comes with a set location change. Whereas production was first reported in November 2018 to begin this September in the UK, this time filming will be done in August at Atlanta instead.

Already Marvel Studios has tapped names to spearhead this MCU film, with brothers Matthew and Ryan Firpo to work on the script as of May last year, and then Chloe Zhao to sit in the director’s chair later in fall 2018. Barring any delays in getting casting started, there is the possibility that “Eternals” will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie lineup 2020.

Part of the reason for this schedule adjustment is a general reshuffling of filming dates for MCU films in the wake of “Avengers: Endgame” and the end of Phase 3. A potentially R-rated “Black Widow” solo movie under director Cate Shortland was supposed to start its own production at the end of this month, but has been moved to June.

Little is known about the plot for “The Eternals,” based on characters created by legendary comic book artists Jack Kirby. Rumor has it that, like the source comics, it might begin millions of years ago well before prehistoric times, and thus serve as a prequel to the whole MCU franchise.