Where’s Wanda season 1


What is Where’s Wanda series status ?

Where’s Wanda Season 1 — officially renewed

Where can I watch Where’s Wanda series ?

You can watch Where’s Wanda series on Apple TV+

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Name : Where’s Wanda
Network : Apple TV+
Status : Where’s Wanda Season 1 — officially renewed
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Where’s Wanda?” unveils the harrowing tale of Dedo and Carlotta Klatt, parents tormented by the months-long disappearance of their daughter. When the authorities’ efforts to locate her prove fruitless, they embark on a perilous journey to unravel the truth. In their relentless pursuit, they unearth a startling revelation: hidden behind closed doors, none of their seemingly ordinary neighbors are who they appear to be.;The series boasts an ensemble cast featuring acclaimed award-winners Devid Striesow (“All Quiet on the Western Front,” “I’m Off Then”) and Joachim Król (“The Most Desired Man,” “Gloomy Sunday,” “Mack the Knife – Brecht’s Threepenny Film”), along with Jasmin Shakeri (“The Magic Flute”) and Bavarian Film Award nominee Kostja Ullmann (“My Blind Date With Life,” “Paradise”).;For Carlotta (Makatsch) and Dedo (Stein), the quest to find their daughter is driven by an unyielding determination. Once a typical family, they now take matters into their own hands after the disappearance of their 17-year-old daughter, Wanda (Drinda), who vanished without a trace. With the assistance of their tech-savvy son Ole (Simon), they go undercover as employees of an electrical company and employ surveillance devices to expose the secrets concealed within their neighborhood and the broader suburb, discovering that behind the façade of normalcy, their neighbors harbor hidden truths.;(Source: apple.com)