The Vanishing Triangle season 1

The Vanishing Triangle

What is The Vanishing Triangle series status ?

The release date for The Vanishing Triangle Season 1 — October 26, 2023

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Name : The Vanishing Triangle
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Status : The release date for The Vanishing Triangle Season 1 — October 26, 2023
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Investigative journalist Lisa Wallace, played by Mullen, pens a gripping article about her mother’s murder, unwittingly triggering the mysterious disappearance of Amy Reynolds. Teaming up with Detective David Burkely, portrayed by Leech, the two embark on a relentless quest to locate Amy, their investigation spanning the picturesque landscapes of Ireland. However, their pursuit encounters numerous twists and turns, with the elusive killer tormenting Lisa, forcing her into harrowing situations.;As the net closes in on the murderer, shocking revelations unravel deep-rooted corruption within the Gardaí system. High-ranking members of the Gardaí exploit David’s own secrets to shield their tracks. Lisa and David’s relentless search ultimately unveils the face-off with the killer, forcing Lisa to confront long-buried childhood traumas to rescue the missing girls.;The Vanishing Triangle, a Sundance Now Original Series, is a thrilling creation by Ivan Kavanagh, who also serves as an executive producer and writer. Sally Tatchell and Rachel Anthony join him as writers. The series is masterfully directed by Imogen Murphy and Laura Way. Executive producers include AnneMarie Naughton, Ana Habajec, Patrick Irwin, and Alon Aranya. Sundance Now holds exclusive distribution rights in the U.S. and Canada, promising an enthralling narrative that will captivate audiences.;(Source: