The Floor season 1

The Floor

What is The Floor series status ?

Season 1 of The Floor will start in Mid Season 2023

Where can I watch The Floor series ?

You can watch The Floor series on FOX

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Name : The Floor
Network : FOX
Status : Season 1 of The Floor will start in Mid Season 2023
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The Floor” is a game show that encapsulates all the essential elements for creating a smashing hit. It leverages a globally proven format characterized by spectacle and suspense, with accomplished producers from Talpa and Eureka at the helm. The show boasts the magnetic presence of superstar host Rob Lowe, whose universal appeal ensures seamless integration of the entire production. “The Floor” effortlessly combines grand scale and captivating play-along dynamics, destined to captivate audiences and become a resounding success.;Talpa, the creator and proprietor of “The Floor” format, has already secured its footprint in six countries, with the U.S. market becoming the seventh addition to its roster. The series has already received the green light for a second season in the Netherlands. Just last week, “The Floor” made a triumphant debut in Spain, claiming its timeslot and ranking as the fourth most-watched show of the day.;This unique collaboration and partnership with the charismatic Rob Lowe have undoubtedly transformed the format into must-watch television.;(Source: