Alice & Jack season 1

Alice & Jack

What is Alice & Jack series status ?

Season 1 of Alice & Jack will start in 2024

Where can I watch Alice & Jack series ?

You can watch Alice & Jack series on PBS

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Name : Alice & Jack
Network : PBS
Status : Season 1 of Alice & Jack will start in 2024
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Prepare for a heartfelt love story with “Alice & Jack,” a collaboration between award-winning writer Victor Levin, known for his work on “Mad Men” and “Mad About You,” and British broadcaster Channel 4, which holds exclusive rights to air the series in the UK. The series features Academy Award(R)-nominated actress and producer Andrea Riseborough, acclaimed for her roles in “To Leslie” and “Birdman,” alongside the versatile actor, director, and screenwriter Domhnall Gleeson, known for “Brooklyn” and “The Revenant.” Supporting roles are brought to life by Aisling Bea, Aimee Lou Wood, and Sunil Patel.;Directed by Finnish film director and screenwriter Juho Kuosmanen, who co-wrote and directed the 2021 Cannes Grand Prix co-winner “Compartment 6,” and Hong Khaou of “Lilting” fame, “Alice & Jack” weaves an enchanting tale of love. The story follows Alice and Jack, played by Andrea Riseborough and Domhnall Gleeson, whose connection is so profound it seems unbreakable.;But as they navigate the complexities of life and their own emotions, the series explores whether their love can withstand the challenges thrown their way. With its honest, intimate, and surprisingly humorous approach, “Alice & Jack” offers a vivid and kaleidoscopic portrayal of love in all its beautiful and unexpected forms.;(Source: