Aema season 1


What is Aema series status ?

Aema Season 1 — officially renewed

Where can I watch Aema series ?

You can watch Aema series on Netflix

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Name : Aema
Network : Netflix
Status : Aema Season 1 — officially renewed
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Aema is a Netflix series set against the backdrop of 1980s Chungmuro, the epicenter of the Korean film industry, where the creation of the iconic film Madame Aema unfolds. This fictional comedy delves into the hidden struggles of actors behind the glamorous façade of show business.;Hanee Lee takes on the role of Jeong Hui-ran, renowned as the finest actress of her generation but ousted from the lead role in Madame Aema due to conflicts with the production studio. Known for her captivating and uproarious performances in Killing Romance, The Fiery Priest, and Extreme Job, Hanee Lee promises to deliver another remarkable transformation as Hui-ran, an actress unafraid to voice her convictions.;On the other hand, emerging actress Bang Hyo-rin portrays Shin Joo-ae, a nightclub dancer with dreams of becoming an actress, thrust into the limelight as the new star of Madame Aema. Bang Hyo-rin, acclaimed for her compelling presence and mastery of intense emotions in short films, injects thrilling energy and dynamism into the narrative as Joo-ae. With her unique appearance, passion for acting, and unwavering confidence, Bang Hyo-rin embodies the rising star set to make waves in this intriguing tale of ambition and creativity.;(Source: