Disney Speedstorm Character Tier List: Ranking the Best Racers (September 2023)

With the beta period for the highly anticipated Disney Speedstorm now complete, players have had extensive time testing each racer. Based on the meta that emerged during testing, here is an updated look at the top characters in each class

Disney Speedstorm Character Tier List for September 2023

To provide clarity and assist players in creating a balanced and successful racer class, the characters are categorized into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This tier system simplifies character selection and enables players to better understand each character’s abilities.

Tier Brawler Defender Speedster Trickster
S Donald Duck Elizabeth Swann Mike Wazowski Meg
A Beast, Hercules Baloo, Goofy, Li Shang Belle, Mickey Mouse Mulan
B Sulley Celia Mowgli Figment, Randall, Jack Sparrow

Best Characters in Disney Speedstorm for September 2023

Donald Duck

Images via Gameloft

Despite his classification as a Brawler, Donald’s stats and moves lean toward a Defender style. He excels in maintaining his boost and relies on it for offense. His Boost power-up simplifies boost management and makes him a competitive choice for those seeking balance in their gameplay.

Elizabeth Swann

Elizabeth Swann stands out as the top choice in the Defender Racer class. Her strong boost stat and access to the Boost power-up allow her to maintain a fast boost for an extended duration. Her unique skill complements her top speed while offering defensive capabilities.

Mike Wazowski

Images via Gameloft

Mike Wazowski stands as the top character overall in Disney Speedstorm. His exceptional abilities deliver a seamless racing experience. By consistently hitting boost arrows on the ground, players can maintain Mike’s boost for an extended period, combining high top speed with excellent acceleration and handling.


Meg boasts solid stats and the game’s best boost ability. While her boost’s duration is relatively brief, it can be sustained through consistent drift boosts. Meg’s charged unique skill creates a trail for opponents to run over, ensuring she maintains her boost and excels in the Trickster class.

Please note that in-game experiences may vary, and character preferences are subjective. Experiment with different characters to find the one that best aligns with your racing skills and strategies. Disney Speedstorm offers a world of excitement, and with the right character, you can make your mark on the racetrack.