Disney Dreamlight Valley Game Guide – How to Unlock All Characters

Disney Dreamlight Valley allows players to live alongside beloved Disney and Pixar characters. However, many characters are initially absent and need to be unlocked through quests and tasks. Here’s your comprehensive guide on how to unlock all of them.


Find Anna in the Frozen Realm on the second floor of the Magic Castle. Assist her in calming elemental spirits by completing tasks like extinguishing fires, chasing spirits, making rock soup, and crafting windchimes. Anna will move to the Valley once the spirits are calmed.


Unlocking Nala requires a visit to the Lion King realm, accessible for 10,000 Dreamlight in the castle. Nala’s quest, “Eyes in the Dark,” involves blocking hyena paths and locating Simba. Follow the quest’s objectives, including gathering grubs and cooking Bug Platters. Finally, place Pride Rock in your valley to recruit both Nala and Simba.


Goofy is already part of the Valley from the beginning, but you’ll meet him as you progress through the tutorial. Unlock the Peaceful Meadow during the tutorial, where you can find Goofy’s stall and house. Your task will be to repair Goofy’s stall by paying Scrooge.

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Donald Duck

Locate Donald Duck within the Forest of Valor, specifically in the Dark Grove. Access this area through the portal near Kristoff as part of the main quest. Speak to Merlin for a solution to save Donald. Craft an Enchanted Feather by combining materials with a plant from the Dark Grove. Follow the Enchanted Feather’s path diligently, leading you to Donald Duck at the end of the Dark Grove.


Simba can be added to your valley by following Nala’s questline in the Lion King realm. Once Nala relocates to your valley, you’ll receive the quest “Stars to Guide Us.” Accomplish the quest’s tasks, such as crafting Rafiki’s Walking Stick and restoring the dried-up oasis, to welcome Simba into your magical realm.


Locate Maui in Moana’s realm after Moana has moved in. Bring him specific dishes that Moana mentions he enjoys. Clear clutter on the beach and place his home in the ocean to have Maui in your valley.


Head to the Ratatouille realm in the Magic Castle. Help Remy by making a three-course meal following his instructions. Prepare Ratatouille for the critic. Set up Remy’s home in the Valley to recruit him.


Go to Dazzle Beach and restore the orb to its pillar to fight off the Forgetting. Solve three riddles in the “With Great Power…” quest to retrieve the orb from a nearby cave. Once the pillar is restored, Ursula will be free from the cave.


Merlin is the first character you encounter in Disney Dreamlight Valley, available from the beginning of the game.


Complete “The Mysterious Wreck” quest for Goofy in Dazzle Beach. Repair the ship and use it to reach Ariel on another island. Build Ariel a home on the beach in the valley to have her move in.

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Minnie Mouse

Unlocking Minnie Mouse involves leveling up your friendship with Mickey and completing several of his quests. As you complete tasks for Mickey, Minnie’s character will be introduced through the “Memory Magnification” quest, which unlocks when Mickey reaches friendship level 8. This quest requires collecting materials, which, when combined with Minnie’s Bow, create the Dreamlight Magnifier. Stabilize Minnie briefly using the magnifier, then talk to Mickey to obtain plans for her house. Place the plans in the Village and pay Scrooge to build the house, thus returning Minnie to the Valley and unlocking her friendship.


Visit Moana’s realm, unlocked by spending Dreamlight. Collect items to repair her ship. Find a good fishing spot on her ship, then place her house on the beach to bring Moana to your valley.


Complete Anna’s quest in the Valley to inspect an ice cavern for Elsa. Upgrade your shovel to clear wooden stumps in the Forest of Valor. Take a picture of the ice cavern and deliver Anna’s letter to Elsa in the Frozen Realm. Elsa will move to the Valley after receiving the letter.


To find Kristoff, venture into the Forest of Valor, situated east of the plaza and northeast of Dazzle Beach. Once you’ve unlocked the Forest of Valor, seek out Kristoff near a portal in the southern part of the area. Engaging with him will initiate a quest to restore the orb in the Forest of Valor and unlock Kristoff as a friend.

Mother Gothel

Discover Mother Gothel’s abode in the Glade of Trust, a swampy biome in the valley’s southwestern region. Her residence is an impressive tree at the heart of the Glade of Trust. Enter her home and engage in conversation with her to learn about her magical mishap, which will unlock her character in the Valley. Be mindful that her magic may temporarily lock some characters in their homes until you complete her quest.

Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck is already present in the Valley from the very beginning. You’ll find him standing outside his closed store early in the game. Assist him in reopening his store by earning coins through selling items to Goofy.


Unlock Wall-E’s realm at the Magic Castle. Complete his quest, involving cleaning up garbage cubes, planting plants, and collecting knick-knacks. Place his home in your valley to have Wall-E as your friend.

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To unlock Scar in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll first need to complete Mother Gothel’s quest called “The Curse.” Afterward, you can visit Scar’s home, located in a giant elephant skull to the right of the entrance to the Sunlit Plateau. Scar will offer you a quest that takes you to a nearby cave, where you’ll need to make Extra Fizzy Root Beer. Completing this questline will involve placing the root beer in a barrel to restore Sunlit Plateau’s water supply.

Once this task is complete, head outside and follow The Forgotten to enter a portal and obtain the Lifeless Orb of Nurturing. Take this orb to Merlin, who will ask you to create a Miracle Growth Elixir. After using the elixir, return to Merlin to receive the orb back. Now, you can plant it near the Pillar of Nurturing in Sunlit Plateau, water it regularly over a few days, and ultimately complete the quest to earn Scar’s friendship.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is present in the Valley right from the start. To meet Mickey, simply clear the Night Thorns from in front of his home. Once the path is cleared, enter his home and you can meet the iconic mouse.

Buzz Lightyear

Unlocking Buzz Lightyear involves accessing the Toy Story realm by opening the door on the second floor of the castle. Inside, speak to Buzz and undertake the quest “A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space.” This quest will require you to complete various tasks around Bonnie’s room to assist Buzz and Woody in putting on a play for Bonnie.

As you progress, you’ll have to take pictures of Bonnie’s drawings. Buzz will express a desire to improve them with materials he can’t find in Bonnie’s room. At this point, invite Buzz to live in your valley, and then return to your valley to build Buzz’s RV, which will unlock his friendship.

Fairy Godmother

Unlock the Fairy Godmother by embarking on a quest in the Forgotten Lands known as “Miracles Take Time.” Begin by visiting her pumpkin home and assisting her in various tasks, such as collecting Purified Night Shards, gathering memories, and interacting with other Disney characters like Mickey and Mother Gothel. Completing this quest will finally bring the Fairy Godmother to your valley.

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To unlock Woody, follow the same steps as unlocking Buzz Lightyear, including completing the “A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space” quest in Bonnie’s room. This will eventually lead you to encounter Woody. After you’ve built Buzz’s RV, return to the Toy Story realm to speak with Woody and initiate the quest “You’re My Favorite Deputy.”

In this quest, you’ll collect some loose items around the room and gather two yellow daisies. Buzz will provide you with glue, and you can pick the daisies in Peaceful Meadow. Afterward, your final task for Woody will be to round up Bonnie’s origami animals in the room. Completing this task will result in Woody agreeing to check out Dreamlight Valley. Return to the valley and build Woody’s Carousel to finally earn his friendship.


Olaf’s presence in your valley begins with the quest “The Great Blizzard.” Speak to Merlin about the blizzard in Frosted Heights and investigate the door with footprints outside on the northern wall. Help Olaf retrieve his items from shadowy squirrels and follow the quest’s objectives, including crafting the Dreamlight Prism. Once you’ve completed these tasks, Olaf will join your valley.

By following this guide, you can unlock and bring all the currently available characters to Disney Dreamlight Valley. Interact with these beloved Disney and Pixar characters, and enjoy their presence in your magical village. Have fun exploring the valley and building relationships with your favorite characters!