Final Trailer for “Solo: A Star Wars Story” Up

We all know the story now: creative differences, directorial changes, long reshoots, and so on have been the bane in the production of Solo: A Star Wars Story. It had gotten so bad that there have only been a handful of teasers and trailers for it, unlike most other blockbusters.

Its final director Ron Howard had promised one last theatrical-sized trailer for Solo before it arrives in cinemas next month, and Lucasfilm has delivered. It’s easily the longest preview of the second installment of the Star Wars Story spinoffs yet, and really delves into the “world” of the upcoming movie.

The trailer begins with an evening shot of a planet where Imperial Star Destroyers are being built, likely Han Solo’s home-world of Corellia. Voiceover of Emilia Clarke as Qi’ra hints that Han (Alden Ehrenreich) has some secret plans while joining the caper he is currently on, something Han merely demurs.

New scenes are interspersed with old ones already shown. Hints that Han first meets and befriends Chewbacca in Solo are once again dropped, even as the two join with a major con operation led by Tobias (Woody Harrelson) who gives Han his signature blaster and recruits Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover).

Solo was pitched as a uniquely different tone to the larger Star Wars universe, in that it would feel like a “space western”. But more scenes shown here also reinforce the notion that it will also be a sci-fi heist movie. A slew of new characters are also introduced here.

Actresses Thandie Newton and Phoebe Waller-Bridge are introduced in the final film trailer as their newly-seen characters Val, an associate of Tobias’, and droid L3-37, respectively. More shots of the “Kessel” Millennium Falcon are in evidence, plus a reminder to casual Star Wars fans that Chewbacca is 100+ years old.

For those who were brought down by the grim and fatalistic tone of the first Star Wars Story, Rogue One, then Solo looks to be a more light-hearted yet still action-pack alternative. The film premieres in cinemas on May 25.

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