Disney Announces New Mobile App “Disney Heroes: Battle Mode” by PerBlue with Teaser Trailer

One look at the Disney library of original films and TV series would tell anybody that they’ve got loads and loads of characters that they can use in future projects. Well here’s one such project now, and it takes a page from one of Disney’s more recent subsidiaries, Marvel Entertainment.

Disney has just announced a new mobile game app that gathers together some of its stable of very beloved and popular characters into a turn-based role-playing game called Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. Veterans of social media games might recognize the gameplay in the video with a defunct Marvel online game.

As seen in the trailer, Disney heroes; Battle Mode assembles characters such as The Incredibles, Woody and Buzz from Toy Story, Wreck-It Ralph, and Judy and Nick from Zootopia, to form parties that will take on bad guys from their respective source media, much like Marvel: Avengers Alliance on Facebook.

Disney VP – Games Lisa Anderson describes the game as an original universe where Disney-Pixar characters exist together, adding, “[Game developer] PerBlue has done a great job of bringing our characters to life in authentically Disney ways, and players will be surprised and delighted as they mix and match hero team-ups.”

For the moment, Perblue has confirmed an initial playable cast of over 30 characters from various Disney-Pixar franchises, organized into adventuring parties that level up and evolve in powers and abilities as they are sent into missions and PVP battles. Other properties offered include Pirates of the Caribbean and more.

No release date has yet been given for Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, but pre-registration has already begun, and the mobile game will arrive later this year for Android and iOS. In a way, this comes off as a spiritual successor to Playdom’s Marvel Avengers Alliance, which is a good thing.

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