Closely-Guarded “Solo: A Star Wars Story” Plot and Character Info Not a Secret on Tie-In Merchandise

There are only two months to go before the premiere of Solo, the second installment of the Star Wars Story spinoff anthology. But remarkably, the expected torrent of information on plot and characters just hasn’t materialized. Despite several trailers coming out, franchise fans remain as in the dark as ever.

In fact, about the only place where people who can’t wait for official news can go to get spoiled would be at toy shelves or bookracks, combing through merchandise tie-ins to Solo that, as is usual for major film releases, have already come out well before the premiere date itself.

It was, after all, from a LEGO announcement that we first got wind of the Millennium Falcon in its original new condition, fit to do its famous Kessel Run which is now known to take place in the movie. Now, a Solo children’s storybook entitled “Train Heist” will spoil more.

The e-book, found in Amazon, appears to be a partial movie adaptation, narrating a scene from a trailer sequence where Han (Alden Ehrenreich) and Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo) jump atop an elevated train called the Conveyex to steal something, only to get attacked. Check the original trailer below at 29 seconds.

In addition, the blurb for Solo: “Train Heist” reveals that the writers for this spinoff are lifting even more world-building details regarding Han Solo and his world from the now de-canonized Star Wars Legends books, aka the former Expanded Universe.

The train scene apparently happens on the planet Vandor, site of an adventure by Qui-Gonn Jinn and his then-Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Jedi Apprentice teen novels, before the events of Episode I. Now, packaging information on an action figure of Emilia Clarke’s character Qi’Ra teases a past connection with an antagonist group from Marvel’s old Star Wars comics run.

Finally, said character profile for Qi’Ra also mentions the planet Corellia, home world of Han according to the Legends continuity. Fans now believe that the scenes with Han and Qi’Ra driving on the speeder may actually take place on Corellia itself. The sequence can be found early in this trailer.

Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres in cinemas May 25.

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