Concept Art Released for Disney World’s Star Wars Hotel Connected to Galaxy’s Edge

A lot has been reported by us here regarding the upcoming Disney theme park expansion area Galaxy’s Edge, soon to open in Disneyland, Anaheim and later at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, Florida. While the Disneyland version is opening first, the Disney World iteration has an extra advantage.

Said advantage is in the form of a hotel connecting to the Galaxy’s Edge area, themed after the same franchise as the expansion itself: Star Wars. Disney Parks and Resorts have really outdone themselves in developing this new themed area, which invites guests to an even deeper level of immersion.

In order to hype Disney park-goers and Star Wars fans, the House of Mouse has recently released a couple of mini-videos showcasing concept art of the Star Wars Hotel’s interior. Said videos touch up the “realism” of the location by portraying some moving images to simulate the hotel in “reality”.

The first video above shows a mock-up of a family-size hotel guest room. Forget the pampered luxury of most accommodations; this hotel plays up the Star Wars motif to the hilt, with bunk-beds that evoke Japanese capsule hotels and a monitor disguised as a window, displaying breathtaking views of space.

Next is a look at what appears to be a hotel passageway. Even here, the video-screen “windows” are in evidence, providing the illusion that the hotel is a spaceship travelling to space, meeting other vessels in its course like that Rebel blockade runner above. Imagine the production work regarding that.

The Disney World Star Wars Hotel will be connected by exclusive passageways to Hollywood Studios’ Galaxy’s Edge area when both attractions are finally open. It will feature park “cast members” portraying characters constantly, and playing out unfolding storylines day after day. Guests will thus experience Star Wars like never before.

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