Reboot of Muppets Also Planned for Disney Streaming Service

There’s no stopping the Disney multimedia juggernaut now as it proceeds apace in setting up its own exclusive digital online streaming service, which they have set to launch by 2019. Aside from past content pulled from other streamers like Netflix, Disney is also developing new original programming for their platform.

Streaming TV series for Star Wars and High School Musical are but a few of the possibilities that Disney brought up in terms of original programming. But in line with making their service family-friendly, they’re also prioritizing reintroductions of some of their iconic children-appropriate properties like the famous Muppet characters.

It should be recalled that Disney acquired The Muppets Studio back in 2004, and with it came the rights to famous TV puppet personalities like Kermit T. Frog, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie and so much more. The studio is planning a rebooted series with the Muppets, available for streaming.

Disney had once attempted to broaden the Muppets audience base by creating a primetime TV comedy starring them on ABC. Mediocre critic reviews however led to its cancellation after one season. This reboot being planned for the Disney service comes across as a re-conception of the ABC show, but family-oriented.

No date in 2019 has been pegged down yet by Disney for the debut of its service, though it’s probably not going international until it makes a footprint locally first. No price point estimates have been given either. The yet-unnamed service is being headed by OTT programming Chief Agnes Chu.

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