SPOILER: Tragedy and Perseverance as Final Season of “Star Wars Rebels” Resumes

We gave a warning about the possible eventuality of it back in early January, regarding the resumption of the final season of Star Wars Rebels this month. We knew Rebel General Hera Syndulla (Vanessa Marshall) would be rescued from the Empire, but at the cost of one of her teammates.

Season 4 of Rebels continued this Monday with a double episode airing, “Jedi Night” and “DUME”, where the Rebel unit of Ezra Bridger (Taylor Gray) launch a rescue of the captive Hera, spearheaded by Kanan Jarrus (Freddie Prinze Jr.), her second-in-command and now lover. They even admit it freely now.

Unfortunately, death predictions were spot on, and in the climactic sequence of “Jedi Night” Kanan dies when he remains to Force-manipulate the Rebels’ escape craft while standing on an exploding fuel depot. His tragic passing serves a dual purpose though.

As revealed in the next episode “DUME”, Kanan both ensured the escape of his friends and the destruction of the depot, which holds fuel for the TIE Defenders, saving the Rebel organization and Imperial fighter-craft production. Governor Pryce (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) tries to downplay this with a victory parade for the death of a Jedi, though her superiors are unconvinced.

Meanwhile, Hera and Ezra are devastated by the loss of Kanan, though Ezra finds renewed motivation upon meeting the unusually intelligent Loth-Wolf DUME, inspiring him to return to the Lothal Jedi Temple for helpful secrets. Thankfully Hera recovers from her own grief, and the stage is set for future confrontations.

The next couple of episodes in the final season of Star Wars Rebels (“Wolves and a Door”, “A World Between Worlds”) will air on Disney XD next Monday, February 26. The last three episodes will come on an epic 1.5-hour season and series finale to air next month, March 5.

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