No Surprise: “Black Panther” Rules in Opening Weekend, Sets New Box Office Records

Friday has finally come and gone. Black Panther, the long awaited first feature of the MCU for 2018 from Marvel Studios, finally premiered in the US and several other regions in the world. Speculation has been rampant on whether the movie would break bank or not. Nobody needed to worry.

Swinging into the third full week of February, Marvel Studios can rest easy knowing that Black Panther’s opening weekend was everything that was expected, and far beyond. What analysts saw as an easy $105-million Friday-Sunday take was handily surpassed according to ComScore. The solo adventure of T’Challa earned $192 million.

In that figure, several records were set or broken. Black Panther is now the fifth-highest gross opening of all time, just behind the first Avengers ($207M) and its sequel Age of Ultron ($191M). It’s also become the new title-holder for biggest box office debut by an African-American director, something Ryan Coogler must be happy about.

Considering that Monday, February 19, is Presidents Day, Black Panther is looking at looking at a potential holiday theater rush that could significantly balloon its figures some more. With an extended weekend to look forward to, Disney is confidently predicting earnings reaching $210M by Tuesday.

The MCU installment hasn’t been slouching at the international market either. In South Korea, where a prominent act of Black Panther was filmed in Busan, the film took a nice $25.3M, helped by its earlier premiere date. Koreans have taken positively to the character, even nicknaming him “Busan Panther” online.

It seemed only yesterday when in 2016 Deadpool, a Marvel “superhero” movie from 20th Century Fox, set a February opening weekend high with $132M. How time flies indeed. Now T’Challa is King of Wakanda and the box office for the month, and MCU fans couldn’t be any happier. Wakanda Forever.

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