Special on “Avengers: Infinity War” Showing Friday Night on Disney Channel

We’re breaking the monotony of articles leading up to the potentially historical box office premiere of Black Panther, in order to bring this new update regarding the next MCU film to premiere after that. Some two weeks have passed without any new word about Avengers: Infinity War. That changes now.

MCU fans who have access to Disney Channel, pay attention. They’re going to have a special feature exclusive to them that will air on the evening of February 16. It hasn’t been specified what to expect from the special, but it’s most likely a behind-the scenes look on Infinity War.

The Avengers feature, which will probably have interviews with the actors and the people behind the camera, is part of a special event block called Night of Heroes. Incidentally, Friday night is also the premiere of a new Disney Channel Original Movie, Zombies, which will be promoted during the Night of Heroes block.

But that mini-feature on Avengers: Infinity War is priority for MCU fans. Marvel Studios may have already released trailers of it, and LEGO has announced tie-in play sets that spoil a few things about it, but we’re still not quite knowledgeable about what happens in the film.

We do know however that Black Panther’s storyline will connect to it. It’s hard to forget Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa demanding a shield be given to Chris Evans’ (bearded) Captain America. Other films to get an inside look at after Infinity War, are The Incredibles 2 and A Wrinkle in Time.

Night of Heroes starts at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific on Disney Channel. No timeslot was given as to when the Avengers: Infinity Wars special will go on however; so you might just have to sit down through the whole program yourself.

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