“Lion King” Director Jon Favreau Doing Voice Cameo on “Solo”

Jon Favreau, director of Zathura, the first two Iron Man films, and the 2016 Disney live-action Jungle Book, is currently at work in the production of yet another adaptation of a Disney animated film, The Lion King set for 2019. But he’s also had time to appear in other productions.

It was easy to figure out which other movie Favreau is getting involved with through a look on Twitter. Earlier this month he tweeted a photo of himself with two major figures in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Those were director Ron Howard and longtime Star Wars screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan.

A week later Howard explained on Twitter that Favreau had dropped in on them to do his cameo role in Solo. Audiences aren’t going to “see” him on the film though, as he’s instead providing the voice for what Howard describes as a “cool and important” alien character.

That does sound exciting, and the Solo director had thanked Favreau for taking a break from his work with the Lion King remake to do a voiceover. When asked if he too would be voicing somebody in his own movie (he was the narrator of Arrested Development), Howard unfortunately said he wasn’t.

Now, fan theorists are having a blast trying to determine which of the various alien creatures seen in the teaser and trailer might be blessed, sort of, with Jon Favreau’s voice. Candidates range from a little four-armed spaceship pilot and a hairy apelike bounty hunter wearing a helmet.

Initially on the verge of being written off due to its troubled production, Solo: A Star Wars Story seems to be doing all it can to reassure fans that it’s sure to make it to theaters and will be good watching. We’ll find out soon enough with the premiere on May 25.

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