Close to “Black Panther” Premiere, Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige Discusses Extreme Likeliness of Sequels

Come Friday, America will finally, finally get to see the highly-anticipated, talked-about and long-awaited Marvel Cinematic Universe film Black Panther. The record-setting advance ticket sales, and the all-but-guaranteed blockbuster nature of the Marvel Studios film is enough to ensure that it’s going to get at least one sequel later on.

Then again, to hear Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige say it: forget sequel, Black Panther is potentially going to have sequels with an “s”. Of course, that’s not exactly set in stone; but Feige seems to see it going that way judging from the story material he knows for it.

“Panther has been around for more than half a century in the comic books and there are many, many stories to tell,” that’s how Feige sees the situation according to an interview he with Variety close to premiere. He’s even expressing hope that director Ryan Coogler would return for it.

With only few exceptions, almost every superhero or team that’s ever shown up in the MCU have been lucky to get not just one, but two sequels showing their later adventures following their in-universe origin story. Considering Black Panther’s US cinema opening weekend earning prediction at $180 million, it’s inevitable.

Box office take aside, the greater MCU has also invested so much effort in leaving Easter Eggs referencing the African nation of Wakanda since as early as Iron Man 2, the second film made in the franchise. There was absolutely no way Marvel Studios was going to bypass the Black Panther character out of hand.

“We’ve been feeding it through the films, knowing if we had the opportunity to keep making films, Panther was high on the list,” remarked Feige, “It was his inclusion in [Captain America:] Civil War that sped it up.” And there you have it.

Black Panther premieres on February 16 in the US; and we can rest assured that, despite no actual announcement made to that effect, it’ll be getting sequels in the future for sure.

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