Stan Lee Greets Marvel Studios on 10th Anniversary

Marvel Studios, the heavy-hitting film studio that birthed the juggernaut Marvel Cinematic Universe, turns 10 years old today along with its film franchise brainchild. In anticipation for the celebration, the studio even took a “class photo” with most of its star actors and two movie directors present back in November.

Now, as we go further along the year 2018, the first decade Marvel Studios anniversary is picking up steam. To the surprise and relief of many, Stan Lee, former editor and publisher of Marvel Comics and grand old ambassador of the company managed to give a greeting for the studio.

Posting the Marvel Studios class photo on his Instagram, Stan Lee commented: “Congratulations @marvelstudios on your 10 year anniversary! I’ve been in the business for 77 years – only 67 more to go and you’ll catch up to me!” It was a good-natured poke from Lee, who was also part of the photo.

It should be recalled that earlier this month Lee, aged 95, was admitted to hospital at Los Angeles following a bout of irregular heartbeat and breathing difficulties. His doctors and spokesmen assured fans that he wasn’t that badly incapacitated. His recent tweet appears to banish all lingering doubts.

Stan Lee indeed played an active role in Marvel Comics and its earlier iterations for over seven decades. In that time he created with some of the best artists of the time, a stable of the most iconic and recognizable superheroes of the Marvel label like Iron Man and Spider-Man.

He’s also hailed by the fan community as the King of Cameos, for his appearances on most film adaptations of Marvel heroes, at the behest of their respective studios. The lion’s share of his cameos now belongs to Marvel Studios and the MCU. Their latest installment, Black Panther, premieres Friday.

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