Disney Denies Planning to Ruin Netflix by Pulling Content for Own Service

When one assumes the worst case concerning the future consolidation of their media content onto one exclusive streaming platform, that action appears to come across as a death sentence for the other streaming services that originally hosted said content. One of those platforms is Netflix, standing to lose almost everything.

But that’s exaggerated fear-mongering, if Disney has anything to say about it. True, their video streaming project goes on as scheduled, but their objective is merely to gain more consumers as the media landscape shifts. An executive of the company denies any ulterior motive amounting to hobbling soon-to-be rival platforms.

Disney chief strategy officer Kevin Mayer is emphatic in his assurances care of The House of Mouse. “We are not trying to hurt or kill Netflix,” he said at the Code Media conference in Huntington Beach on Tuesday. “We are trying to serve consumers…Our success will not come from Netflix’s expense.”

The Disney-branded media streaming service is due to launch late next year in 2019. Its initial library would be a hoard of Disney animated and live-action films plus TV shows reaching back into past decades, alongside exclusive original content. Netflix, already carrying some of said programming, must compensate by creating more new original content of its own as replacements.

However, all content that would go to the Disney streaming platform (and the sports-oriented ESPN-Plus) will be different from what’s already on at the “traditional” Disney cable TV networks like Disney Channel and XD, plus ESPN and ABC.

“The model serves us well,” Mayer said, about ensuring that Disney’s cable channels and streaming will not overlap to prevent redundancy of one or the other. “I’m not sure there is an urgent need to disrupt it.” He also hasn’t said anything about possible Fox content, as that mega-deal isn’t done yet.

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