Official Story Synopsis for “Incredibles 2” Out from Disney

Disney-Pixar is raring to reintroduce us to their superhero family again this coming June when Incredibles 2 premieres in cinemas. The first snippets of information we got about this sequel to the blockbuster 2004 movie have it that it picks up from said film’s cliffhanger.

If you’ve seen the first Incredibles you’ll remember that it ended with the appearance of a new bad guy for the Parr family and their ally Frozone to fight. In fact, a tie-in console videogame played out that plot already. But the first teaser for Incredibles 2 and this new synopsis tells a divergent story.

The official synopsis has it that the Parr family’s dynamic have switched, with Bob Parr/Mr. incredible becoming a stay-at-home dad while his wife Helen/Elastigirl becomes an active “Super” in a public campaign to have superheroes return to duty. This setup is derailed when a new super-villain appears to wreak havoc.

Is this a retelling of the emergence of sequel-hook villain Underminer from the first film? One divergence known is that the Incredibles and Frozone are already acquainted with a new hero, a former Elastigirl fan. Whether this treads familiar ground with the original antagonist or not remains to be seen.

Incredibles 2 reprises almost all of its original 2004 voice talent: Craig T. Nelson as Mr. Incredible, Holly Hunter as / Elastigirl, Sarah Vowell as Violet, and Samuel L. Jackson Frozone. New VA’s include Huck Milner as Dash, Sophia Bush as new hero Voyd and John Ratzenberger as The Underminer.

With Brad Bird returning to direct (as well as voicing super costume designer Edna Mode), Incredibles 2 from Disney-Pixar will come out on June 15.

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