New Preview Pic of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on Disney World Released (with Video Version)

Fans of the epic space opera franchise Star Wars might be concerned about the potential movie oversaturation owing to numerous cinematic projects being pitched by Lucasfilm at the bidding of parent company Disney, but these could provide plenty of new material for use on other projects, like theme park areas.

After a dearth of new information for about a month, Disney went on its official blog to provide a new teaser image for Galaxy’s Edge, the long-awaited Star Wars theme area for Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Florida. It comes in the form of a nifty image.

Pictured above is the static version, depicting an indoor attraction of Galaxy’s Edge that seems to mimic the bridge of a spaceship from the Galaxy Far, Far Away. Coached by cast members in either Rebel/Resistance or Empire/First Order uniform, park guests appear to man the bridge stations, “operating” the vessel.

But the awesome part about the preview image is that Disney uploaded an animated version on video over at YouTube. True, the people in the picture remain static as seen below, but the view of space outside shows a space battle in motion, with TIE fighters and turbo-lasers flying everywhere.

Disney has revealed before that the main draw for Galaxy’s Edge in DHS is its level of story immersion compared to most other theme park areas. Guests who come in there are de facto cast as inhabitants of the Star Wars galaxy (with costume option) in and around planet Batuu.

Among the planned attractions for the in-development area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios include the iconic Millennium Falcon space freighter. The products for sale are framed as being in-universe, like a stand that sells “blue milk” (Luke Skywalker’s childhood drink on Tatooine), with no “souvenir” wares like clothing or accessories around.

Walt Disney World still hasn’t given an opening date for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on DHS, but it’s generally perceived as being somewhat later than the opening of a similar Star Wars expansion area at one of the parks in Disneyland Resort, and that’s slated to be coming in 2019.

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