Lucasfilm Head Elaborates Reason for Directorial Change in “Solo: A Star Wars Story”

We at Disney Movies List would like to think we’d captured the escalated concern that fans and the movie industry had regarding the status of Solo: A Star Wars Story with its long delay in promotion. It could all be traced to the late-production directorial change that occurred last year.

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy finally spoke up just this Sunday, February 11, why the initial director tandem of Phil Lord and Chris Miller left the project on Solo over “creative differences” and replaced by Ron Howard. For those who know of the two past film portfolio, the reason becomes obvious.

“I think these guys are hilarious,” spoke Kennedy. “But they come from a background of animation and sketch comedy.” This is true with Miller and Lord’s past films like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and The LEGO Movie in animation, plus 21 Jump Street and its sequel for comedy.

Kennedy said that improvisation and injections of humor are well and good in a movie but noted that the directorial duo were prioritizing it over the more structured filmmaking expected of the Disney-era Star Wars films. “There comes a point where there’s only so much you can do,” she added.

Inside sources within Lucasfilm had noted that in the four-and-a-half months that Lord and Miller tended to fly fast and loose with the script for Solo, taking too long to shoot scenes, and as stated above, were prone to over-improvising. They were let go with principal photography only three-quarters done.

Trailers for Solo: A Star Wars Story have already come out, with the May premiere date now looking more secure. However the spinoff seems to be building a similar dissonance as with Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Critics have bemoaned that Alden Ehrenreich is no Harrison Ford as Han Solo.

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