“Black Panther” Official Soundtrack Released to Positive Praise

It feels so close now. Come Friday this week, everybody’s going to be able to go to cinemas and watch Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, finally able to see for their own selves what all the hype from its world premiere was all about. The wait is getting so unbearable now.

Still, there are ways to past the time. How about listening to Black Panther’s soundtrack now? We had an article here regarding the production of the soundtrack, overseen by Kendrick Lamar. It was finally released officially last week on Friday. Like the movie it hails from, the soundtrack’s unbelievably epic.

Touted to contain music that is “from and inspired by” the upcoming MCU film, the Black Panther soundtrack is a collaborative effort between Marvel Studios and TDE Entertainment, and features some of the latter’s best and popular talents like Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, Kung Fu Kenny and SZA for starters.

The soundtrack packs 14 songs, and its physical album cover is all stark black and white, the only decoration being the fang “necklace” of the Black Panther costume (and an Explicit Content warning). Social media opinions are on the whole, extremely positive. A corner of Twitter is singing its praises.

But don’t take my (and Twitter’s) word for it.

Black Panther is on this February 16, Friday. You can’t miss it.

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