Details on Planned Content for Disney Streaming Service by 2019 Revealed

Even before the bombshell announcement that was Disney’s intent to acquire Fox’s media assets, from its film studios to TV networks and more, the House of Mouse has already been sending shockwaves through the industry with plans to open its own streaming service, outside of general providers like Hulu and Netflix.

The as-yet unnamed service, which will launch in 2019, has been like a Sword of Damocles to all other major streaming services on the market. That’s because in addition to a number of original films and TV series that they plan to debut on the platform, Disney will fill up their online library with all their currently streaming past movies and TV shows, all withdrawn from the other streaming services where they’re currently hosted.

Unfortunately the soon-to-be-withdrawn materials are not simply those that carry the Disney name. Also to be affected are the Star Wars films and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as both Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios are their subsdiaries.

But current streaming subscribers, who might be upset that the House of Mouse is hogging all their media on another platform they must soon subscribe to, can take some comfort with one reality. The Disney streaming service will try to be as family-friendly as possible. In other words, their library will consist only of G and low-PG rated programming.

That means that any other film or TV series with high-PG or R ratings will most likely stay where they are. That means Netflix will retain all the shows they’ve produced in partnership with Marvel, R-rated fare like Daredevil, Jessica Jones and so forth. That at least would be a silver line for Netflix regulars who’re fans of the shows in question.

Disney’s future strategy of generating content for their exclusive streaming platform has also been revealed. Aside from a few original programming, most of their planned fare will be licensed media and adaptations. For instance, while major live-action version of their old animated films like 2019’s Aladdin and The Lion King will premiere in theaters, smaller productions such as The Sword in the Stone and Lady and the Tramp will be on the streaming service instead.

Other possible future content for the service are a Star Wars series or two, and maybe even a High School Musical show. The possibilities are endless. Also, the question of whether or not the platform might soon accommodate 20th Century Fox movies can’t quite be answered just yet, at least until negotiations are completed in about a year and a half more.

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