What’s The Sitch? Disney Channel Developing Live-Action “Kim Possible” Movie

The network double-team of the Disney Channel and Disney XD is one of the most formidable cable programming combinations around, delivering some of the best and beloved TV movies, shows and animated series for children and teens all over the world.

One particular animated show that had been a darling of the Disney Channel was Kim Possible, premiered in 2002. The concept of a high school cheerleader doing part-time work as a private superhero spy who fought mad scientists and super-villains was a major TV hit, lasting four seasons and having two movies before finally wrapping things up in 2007.

What if I told you now that “the sitch” is a live-action Kim Possible film being developed by Disney? Hold your horses though; it won’t come out in cinemas. This proposed movie will only be shown on the Disney Channel that was the animated series’ original home, 16 years later.

From High School Musical to Descendants, Disney Channel original movies have been a greatly anticipated feature. But can we even be sure that the Kim Possible film be any good? Well, the cartoon’s creators Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley are writing the script; so considering them, it’s a good sign.

Blythe Nailling of ABC’s Last Man Standing will serve as casting director, although no casting details have been revealed as of yet. Zanne Devine joins McCorkle and Schooley as executive producers, while Adam B. Stein and Zach Lipovsky are set to co-produce and co-direct.

This seems to be the next big Disney Channel project to follow the impending February 16 premiere of a new original movie musical, Zombies with Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly. Kim Possible was so utterly loved by audiences and the TV industry that it won an Emmy in 2003. Everyone’s hoping it’ll be awesome.

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