MCU Fans Spread Unfounded Rumor of Captain Marvel Being in “Avengers: Infinity War”

For solid fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they most probably have got the movie release schedule for each installment by Marvel Studios memorized down pat. Three films are premiering this 2018, with two in the following year. Avengers: Infinity War is coming this May; Captain Marvel, on March 2019.

But when the latest trailer for Infinity War was shown during the commercial break for the recently-concluded Super Bowl LII just this Sunday, some viewers saw something in a split-second that has suddenly exploded into heated discussion online. Did Marvel Studios cannily insert Captain Marvel in Infinity War without notice?

The buzz started when MCU fans dissecting the 30-second Super Bowl trailer for Infinity War caught something curious at the 11-12 second mark. Here, Captain America (Chris Evans), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Vision (Paul Betanny) are walking towards the screen. A fourth character is behind Cap, his details obscured.

Some theorists have put up a guess on Twitter that the shades of red, blue and gold briefly seen between Cap’s left arm and body look somewhat like the costume of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, protagonist of the same-titled 2019 MCU movie.

Sometime before, Marvel released a CG mockup of actress Brie Larson, who will be portraying Carol Danvers, wearing the comics-current Captain Marvel costume. The star pattern on her chest is being touted as the bright thing seen in the Infinity War trailer behind Captain America, and supporters of the theory won’t budge on it.

Infinity War co-director Joe Russo had already insisted that Captain Marvel won’t be in the movie, and dissenting Twitter posts have posited that its actually the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) walking behind cap there. Now, everyone’s free to believe what they must, at least until a new trailer appears or it finally premieres May 4.

If Brie Larson as Carol/Captain Marvel really isn’t in the movie though, she can at least be expected to join the other MCU heroes on 2019’s Avengers 4 (still not subtitled), which will release some two months after the premiere of her introductory solo movie.

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