Marvel Icon Stan Lee Admitted to Hospital for Health Issues

Marvel Studios, the cinematic offshoot of Marvel Entertainment encompassing the original Marvel Comics publisher, has pulled off some epic branding for their 10-year strong Marvel Cinematic Universe. This comes in a guaranteed cameo for each of its movies by Stan Lee, former editor, publisher and current brand ambassador for Marvel.

Despite no longer being an active overseeing force in the operation of the company he helped build, Lee’s star power has led to Marvel putting their best branding stamp on film adaptations of their superheroes. He’s been in Fox’s X-Men, Sony-Columbia’s Spider-Man and of course, the MCU itself for years.

But one thing to consider about Stan Lee is that, having been born in 1922 and active in comic books since the 40s, he really is getting on in years. That somber reality reared its head on the evening of Wednesday, January 31, when the 95-year-old comic-book giant landed in the hospital.

Lee was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Hospital following complaints of shortness of breath and irregular heartbeat at his Los Angeles County home. A spokesperson has assured Marvel followers that Lee is “doing well and feeling good, he is staying there for a few days for some check-ups as a safety precaution.”

Over the years, the health status of Stan Lee has been a concern for fans. Aside from having a pacemaker installed, he has often demurred on specifying his condition. But recently he has been putting off some of his scheduled public appearances, and his film cameos are becoming less action-oriented.

An additional worry for fans about the potential decline of Lee’s health is tied to the widower’s 70-year marriage to his wife Joan Lee, famous for having inspired his creation of the Fantastic Four, and even lending her voice to several Marvel animated series. She died on July 6 last year.

Stan Lee’s last major public engagement before his illness was appearing at the world premiere of Black Panther on Monday this week.

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