Disgruntled DCEU Fans Try Organizing Campaign to Ruin “Black Panther” Score on Rotten Tomatoes

Poster for the movie "Black Panther"

Long before Disney and Warner Brothers each took one of them under their respective media umbrellas, Marvel Comics and DC Comics have been engaged in their own rivalry when it comes to superhero characters and stories. Their becoming subsidiaries however seems to have ratcheted that competition to appalling, silly levels.

Normally relations between Marvel and DC in the comics arena have been gentlemanly (Marvel even translates the DC acronym as “Distinguished Competitor”). But with the advent of multi-installment superhero films produced by their Disney and Warner parents, things have suddenly gain the potential to turn ugly, especially between opposing fans.

Case in point: there’s an ugly rumor coming about in the wake of the world premiere of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther last Monday. Apparently some diehard unreasonable supporters of Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe film series are calling on like-minded fans to sabotage the latest MCU movie’s Rotten Tomatoes rating.

Rotten Tomatoes is a prominent review aggregation website covering film and TV. Warner-DC fans have long been accusing the site of having a bias towards Marvel Studios’ MCU, getting it consistently good review averages while DCEU entries like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad receive middling ratings.

The last straw for these fanatics was arguably the near-lackluster performance of Justice League last year. The more embittered among them have created a “Give Black Panther a Rotten Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes” page on Facebook to spur gaming the audience rating for Black Panther with deliberate bad scores.

According to the FB page, all DCEU supporters willing to “help” in the campaign will start doing so on February 15, the general premiere night for Black Panther. This, they claim, is “vengeance” for Disney allegedly paying critics to be harsh on Warner-DC movies. They’re also targeting future MCU films.

Despite a review embargo still in place during the Black Panther world premiere, word of mouth and social media opinions have been mostly positive over the superhero movie, with a significant praise for its having a predominantly African-American cast and an African-American director.

This representation gesture was likened to 2017’s Wonder Woman, currently the most favored DCEU film on Rotten Tomatoes, and how it empowered women and girls. That’s done little to mollify the RT review riggers however. They’d earlier claimed to have collaborated with The Last Jedi critics to bomb the Star Wars film rating on the review site.

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