London Symphony Orchestra to Perform Live Soundtrack of “Star Wars” Screening at London’s Royal Albert Hall

So Star Wars: The Last Jedi has long been in cinemas worldwide. Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels will soon be concluding its fourth and final season. Now here’s a new development regarding the oldest part of the franchise: how does Star Wars: A New Hope with a live orchestra sound?

London’s Royal Albert Hall has, on several occasions since 2009, made special screenings of famous movies wherein the soundtrack is performed live by the orchestra. Their performances range from oldies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s to The Lord of the Rings. Star Wars, highly requested by fans, now gets its turn.

This is in fact a very special film-and-orchestra screening at the Royal Albert Hall, as the featured orchestra for performing Star Wars: A New Hope is the London Symphony Orchestra, whose 1977 iteration actually did the soundtrack for George Lucas and Lucasfilm. In a way, this screening is a homecoming.

Don’t start holding your breath even if you’re in the UK, however. Trying to synch a live orchestra’s performance of a soundtrack with the actual film takes a great deal of practice. The London Symphony would never give a half-hearted show, so they’ll train until the actual play-date this November.

The first ever Star Wars film, directed by George Lucas and starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, had an epic musical score composed by John Williams. Williams not only earned a Best Soundtrack Oscar, the score is considered the “greatest ever written” according to the American Film Institute.

Outside of London, other tour performances of the Star Wars film-orchestra concert include Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin among others from November to December. It’s produced under license by Disney Concerts in association with 20th Century Fox and Warner/Chapelle Music. The LSO is only confirmed to perform at Royal Albert.

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