“Black Panther” World Premiere Causes Analysts to Rethink Box-Office Projections

Black Panther, the first chapter of the MCU being told by Marvel Studios this 2018, will not hit movie theaters worldwide until next month. However it’s already done its world premiere at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre, where it got a standing ovation from the audience to the cast and its director.

This positive portent for a full-scale box office outing has got film analysts very interested in future prospects of Black Panther, starring Chadwick Boseman as the superhero king of the Afro-futuristic nation of Wakanda. They think it has the potential to break “sequel fatigue” in moviegoers tired of superhero movies.

Observers of the film industry have long noted Marvel Studios’ amazing skill in creating successful cinematic adaptations of even the most little-known characters from their comic book stable, but they are making great adjustments regarding their projections for Black Panther owing to the rave reception it got at its premiere.

For instance, Box Office Pro’s Shawn Robbins initially predicted a $133 million opening for Black Panther on February 16. He has since upped the starting box office take to $140 million, up to a $371-million domestic earning. In 2017, just three movies, all under Disney, broke the $140-million opening mark.

Disney meanwhile has given no in-house estimates on the box office standing of the latest MCU installment, though they seem fairly confident on Black Panther’s worth given that the studio will allow reviews of it to start printing ten days before the general premiere. Time will tell if they’re affirmed.

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